Nobel Prize Mauritius

Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

The singer and songwriter Bob Dylan, one of the world’s most influential musicians, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,” in the words of the Swedish Academy.

13 Oct 2016,

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos

The 2016 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos for his efforts to end his country's long-running civil war with FARC rebels.

07 Oct 2016,

Tiny machines win chemistry Nobel prize

The 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry has been awarded for the development of the world's smallest machines.

05 Oct 2016,

Nobel Prize in Economics Winner Angus Deaton's Theories, in Plain English

“Things are getting better, and hugely so.”

13 Oct 2015,

Tunisian Mediator Group Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Aiding Move to Democracy

Tunisia's National Dialogue Quartet won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for helping build democracy in the birthplace of the Arab Spring, an example of peaceful transition in a region otherwise struggling with violence and upheaval.

09 Oct 2015,

Svetlana Alexievich Wins Nobel Literature Prize

Belarusian writer and journalist Svetlana Alexievich has won the 2015 Nobel Prize for literature.

09 Oct 2015,

Nobel Prize for Chemistry: Lindahl, Modrich and Sancar Win for DNA Research

The Nobel prize in chemistry has been awarded to Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar for their research into the mechanisms that cells use to repair DNA.

07 Oct 2015,

Neutrino 'Flip' Wins Physics Nobel Prize

The discovery that neutrinos switch between different "flavours" has won the 2015 Nobel Prize in physics.

06 Oct 2015,

3 Scientists Share Nobel Prize for Medicine for Work on Parasitic Diseases

The Nobel Prize for medicine has been jointly awarded this year to three scientists for their work on parasitic diseases.

06 Oct 2015,

French Economist Wins Nobel for Tackling Monopolies

French economist Jean Tirole has won the 2014 Nobel prize for economics for his work on how to regulate powerful companies.

14 Oct 2014,

Nobel Prize Winner Patrick Modiano Hailed as Modern Marcel Proust

Swedish Academy praises ‘art of memory’ in French novelist known for short works marked by sophisticated simplicity

11 Oct 2014,

Two Champions of Children Are Given Nobel Peace Prize

“Who is Malala?” shouted the Taliban gunman who leapt onto a crowded bus in northwestern Pakistan two years ago, then fired a bullet into the head of Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old schoolgirl and outspoken activist.

11 Oct 2014,

2 Americans, a German Win Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Two Americans and a German won the Nobel Prize in chemistry this year for their work on optical microscopy that has opened up our understanding of molecules by allowing us to see how they work close up.

10 Oct 2014,

American and 2 Japanese Physicists Share Nobel for Work on LED Lights

Three physicists have been awarded the Nobel Prize for revolutionizing the way the world is lighted.

08 Oct 2014,

Nobel Prize in Medicine Is Awarded to Three Who Discovered Brain’s ‘Inner GPS’

A British-American scientist and a pair of Norwegian researchers were awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine on Monday for discovering “an inner GPS in the brain” that enables virtually all creatures to navigate their surroundings.

07 Oct 2014,

Fama, Shiller, Hansen Win Nobel Prize for Asset-Price Work

Eugene F. Fama, Robert J. Shiller and Lars Peter Hansen shared the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for at times conflicting research on how financial markets work and assets such as stocks are priced.

17 Oct 2013,

Discoverers of Higgs Boson, a.k.a. "The God Particle," Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics

Francois Englert of Belgium and Peter Higgs of Britain won the 2013 Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for their theory on how the most basic building blocks of the universe acquire mass, eventually forming the world we know today.

14 Oct 2013,

Writers celebrate

In the context of Rabindranath Tagore’s 150th anniversary, the Mauritian Writers’ Association, along with the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture(IGCIC), organised a cultural programme in Phoenix on Wednesday. The programme featured songs, recital of poems and speeches about the universality of Tagore. Shakuntala Hawoldar, president of the Mauritian Writers’ Association, stated that Tagore is [...]

19 May 2011, The Independent Daily