PM Mauritius

Telephone tapping: no direction of the ICTA

Listening to telephone calls and telephone piracy were discussed extensively in this Tuesday, October 18 at the time of the questions addressed to the Prime Minister. The opportunity for Navin Ramgoolam for clarification regarding these practices.

18 Oct 2011,

PNQ : Enquête sur dix cas de malversation que le Premier ministre refuse de commenter

Le Premier ministre a refusé de commenter les cas de malversations alléguées auxquelles fait référence la Private Notice Question (PNQ) du jour, soulignant que ce sont des enquêtes en cours de la Commission anti-corruption (ICAC).

18 Oct 2011,

MSM have no right to sit in Parliament

“If they have guts, they must resign and get a fresh mandate,” challenged the PM.

15 Aug 2011,

FCM’s Father Grégoire meets PM

Fédération Créoles Mauriciens (FCM) president Father Jocelyn Grégoire, who returned from the US two weeks ago, had an hour-long meeting with Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam on Thursday. The main topic of discussion was the current political situation and the need for electoral reforms. The promulgation of the Equal Opportunities Act (EOA) was also high on [...]

12 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

PM will be on an official visit to Botswana

Ramgoolam will be accompanied by a big business delegation

08 Aug 2011,

Bérenger finds PM inept of keeping political stability

The Prime Minister claimed he was a great leader of stability but only one year after the general elections, Dr Navin Ramgoolam has been unable to maintain political stability. This was stated by leader of the Opposition, Paul Bérenger at his weekly press conference at The Link Hotel on Saturday. “We have a Prime Minister [...]

08 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

Mauritius PM defends anti-graft body's independence

Analysts said the political uncertainty was affecting business sentiment and, if not resolved quickly, could jeopardise growth

02 Aug 2011,

PM lands today to tackle crisis

In line with the Medpoint chronicle which the leader of the Opposition, Paul Bérenger, has described as ‘the scandal of the century’, all attention is focused on Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam’s arrival from London on Monday, which is expected to be the dénouement in this affair. He is awaited aboard flight MK 053 from Heathrow [...]

01 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

PM wants to develop a free trade area between the Republic of Congo and Mauritius

According to the PM, this partnership will strengthen the economic activities between the two countries, while at the same time improve social integration

11 Jul 2011,

Mauritian PM makes push on renewable energy

Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam yesterday proposed the setting up of an energy-efficiency management body to formulate and implement long-term and sustainable energy policies.

02 Jun 2011,

Mauritian PM left for Namibia to attend the Southern African Development Community summit

20 May 2011,