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Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte says he personally killed criminals

Rodrigo Duterte has announced he personally killed suspected criminals when he was mayor of his home city of Davao in the Philippines, cruising the streets on a motorcycle and “looking for trouble”.

15 Dec 2016,

Duterte's tongue the least of Obama's Philippine problem

It's not just a runaway tongue that worries the United States about the volatile new president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. It's what else he's thinking.

07 Sep 2016,

China vows to protect South China Sea sovereignty, Manila upbeat

China vowed to take all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty over the South China Sea and said it had the right to set up an air defense zone, after rejecting an international tribunal's ruling denying its claims to the energy-rich waters.

13 Jul 2016,

More Than 700,000 Evacuated as Typhoon Melor Batters Philippines

Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated in the central Philippines, where a fierce storm is lashing coastal areas with heavy wind and rain.

14 Dec 2015,

Two Chinese Diplomats Accused of Killing Colleagues in the Philippines

Two Chinese diplomats are suspects in the shooting deaths of two of their colleagues at a restaurant in the Philippines, authorities said.

22 Oct 2015,

2 Dead, Tens of Thousands Displaced as Typhoon Koppu Drenches Philippines

Flood waters unleashed by a deadly, slow-moving typhoon have invaded more and more towns in the northern Philippines, forcing people to clamber onto rooftops to await rescue.

19 Oct 2015,

Philippine Ferry Sinks, Killing at Least 36, but Most Passengers Survive

A ferry carrying 189 passengers and crew capsized off the central Philippines in heavy waves on Thursday, killing at least 36 people but the majority of those on board were rescued, the coast guard and police said.

02 Jul 2015,

Philippine Capital Braces for Storm, as Hagupit Leaves 27 Dead

Typhoon Hagupit weakened to a tropical storm as it churned close to the Philippine capital on Monday, after killing 27 people on the eastern island of Samar island where it flattened homes, toppled trees and cut power and communications.

08 Dec 2014,

Typhoon Kills 38 in Philippines, Millions Without Power

A powerful storm that battered the central Philippines has killed 38 people and left millions without power.

18 Jul 2014,

Strongest Philippine Storm of 2014 Kills 6, Threatens China

At least six people were killed as this year’s strongest storm to make landfall in the Philippines lashed Manila, shutting schools, offices and financial markets and knocking out power across most of the capital.

17 Jul 2014,

Relief Proceeds Slowly in Philippines, Where a Death Toll Remains Unclear

TANAUAN, the Philippines — For Teoderico Canales and her family, survival after Typhoon Haiyan has literally meant living in a pigsty. Their only water comes from a pump next to a small river where many people drowned.

17 Nov 2013,

Philippine President Puts Typhoon Death Toll at 2,000 to 2,500

The death toll from Typhoon Haiyan's rampage through the Philippines is closer to 2,000 or 2,500 than the 10,000 previously estimated, President Benigno Aquino said on Tuesday as U.S. and British warships headed toward his nation to help with relief efforts.

13 Nov 2013,

Philippine: Death Toll Expected To Rise

The United States is sending an aircraft carrier to the Philippines to help speed up relief efforts after a typhoon killed an estimated 10,000 people in one city alone, with fears the toll could rise sharply as rescuers reach more devastated towns.

12 Nov 2013,

Horror Stories as 10,000 Feared Dead in Typhoon Haiyan

If the typhoon death toll is confirmed, it would be the deadliest natural catastrophe on record in the Philippines.

11 Nov 2013,

A Powerful Typhoon Speeds Across the Philippines

MANILA — A powerful typhoon ripped through the Philippines on Friday, killing more than 100 people in a city on Leyte Island, a Civil Aviation Authority official said on Saturday.

09 Nov 2013,

Dozens Dead as Magnitude-7.1 Earthquake Hits the Philippines

A magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck central Philippines on Tuesday, leaving at least 49 people dead and rattling many who were celebrating a religious holiday.

15 Oct 2013,

6.2-Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Southern Philippine Island

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck Saturday near the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

18 Feb 2013,

East Asia Tourism Boosts Philippines Market

A surge in global tourism arrivals from other nations in the Asia/Pacific region is lifting the prospects of the hotel sector in the Philippines.

22 Jan 2013,