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Diffamation Alléguée : la Fille de Sheila Bappoo Retire son Procès Contre Pravind Jugnauth

Le ministre de la Technologie, de la communication et de l’Innovation, Pravind Jugnauth ne sera pas poursuivi pour diffamation en Cour intermédiaire.

19 Jan 2015,

MSM politburo to talk alliance with MMM

Jugnauth said that PM is afraid of MMM-MSM alliance, which is in making: The possibility of the remake of an MSM-MMM alliance like 2000 will be discussed by the MSM politburo on December 28. This was announced said by the leader of Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM), Pravind Jugnauth at a press meet in Port Louis [...]

23 Dec 2011, The Independent Daily

SC to hear Jugnauth in Dec

The Supreme Court will make an exception and sit during court holidays on December 16 to hear the case of the leader of Mouvement Socialiste Mauricien (MSM), Pravind Jugnauth. The courts go on holiday from December 1 till January 8. However, on Tuesday Magistrate Nicholas Ohsan-Bellepeau asked Jugnauth to appear in court with details requested [...]

23 Nov 2011, The Independent Daily

MSM : “15 mois suffocants au sein du gouvernement”

Tel a été les mots utilisés par le leader de MSM, Pravind Jugnauth, pour décrire son expérience vécu avec le parti travailliste depuis leur victoire aux élections générales de 2010.

07 Aug 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

Government valuer allowed to moonlight

Yodhun Bissessur, government chief valuer, is allowed private practices against remuneration as long as there is no conflict of interest and the work is carried outside his normal working hours. This moonlighting practice is in line with PRB report, pointed out the minister of Finance and Economic Development Pravind Jugnauth on Tuesday in reply to [...]

18 May 2011, The Independent Daily

Pravind Jugnauth Meets Belgian Businessmen

Vice prime minister and minister of Finance and Economic Development Pravind Jugnauth participated in a lunch meeting with a group of Belgian businessmen at Chateau Sainte Anne in Brussels on April 13. The event was hosted by the consul of Mauritius with the collaboration of the ambassador of Mauritius. Belgian businessmen showed great interest in [...]

17 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Pravind Jugnauth Steps Down As Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Mauritius

Pravind Kumar Jugnauth was the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Mauritius following the General election of 11 May 2010. He is the leader of the MSM ( Militant Socialist Movement ) and the only son of the President Of Mauritius Sir Aneerood Jugnauth . He has yet to give a reason why [...]

01 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Price of Petrol (March 2011 – II)

The government has unexpectedly announced a decrease in the price of petroleum products today.

29 Mar 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

Price Of Petrol And Diesel Decreases In Mauritius

Motorists in Mauritius can heave a sigh of relief as from today. this is because the price of petrol and diesel has been revised downwards. The announcement was made ??by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Pravind Jugnauth in today in Parliament while responding to the Private Notice Question (PNQ) Leader of the Opposition, Paul [...]

29 Mar 2011, MauritiusHot

‘Women must play role to bring change’

Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun , president of the women’s wing of the Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM), has pointed out that the future lies in the hands of the younger generation. “It is through our actions that we must convey our values,” she said during a seminar organised as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day. [...]

06 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

Sheila Bappoo Vs Leela Devi Dookun-Lutchmun

Here is another statement that could cast a chill in relations between the PTR and the MSM. The Minister of Gender Equality, Development and Child Welfare of the family, Sheila Bappoo, says she has no lessons from his colleague, Leela Devi Dookun-Lutchmun. She made this statement this afternoon on Radio Plus during the second part

04 Mar 2011, MauritiusHot

Jugnauth asks party members not to quit

The vice prime minister, minister of Finance and Economic Development, Pravind Jugnauth continued his political tour across constituencies in the island.

25 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

ACIM against price hikes

Association des Consommateurs de L'Ile Maurice (ACIM) strongly criticised the series of price increases of various commodities on the local market. This was at a press conference held at its office in Bell Village on Thursday.

18 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

Finance minister exploring investment possibilities with UK

The minister of Finance Pravind Jugnauth, spoke about his visit to the United Kingdom last week. He said that several economic projects aimed at projecting Mauritius as a hub for investors, tourists and shoppers were discussed.

07 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily