Quatre Bornes Mauritius

Travaux des utilités: avenue des Orchidées fermée à la circulation pour deux jours

L’avenue des Orchidées, plus particulièrement le tronçon, situé à proximité de sa jonction à la route St Jean, Quatre Bornes, sera fermée à la circulation pour deux jours, aujourd’hui lundi 29 mars et demain, mardi 30 mars ce lundi 29 mars et ceux jusqu’à demain mardi 30 mars.

29 Mar 2021, motors.mega.mu

A cause d’un besoin pressant, il perd sa moto

Il s’était rendu chez une amie à Résidence Kennedy, Quatre Bornes car il avait un besoin pressant.

03 Sep 2020, motors.mega.mu

Quatre-Bornes : travaux de réasphaltage au coût de Rs 10M

Le Conseil municipal de Quatre-Bornes, qui s’est réuni vendredi, a approuvé le réasphaltage de certaines rues de la ville des Fleurs au coût de Rs 10 millions.

30 Jun 2020, motors.mega.mu

Metro Express – Rose-Hill/Quatre-Bornes: Du retard dans les travaux préliminaires

Dans le cadre du Metro Express, les travaux d’infrastructures reliant Rose Hill et la gare routière de Quatre Bornes sont arrivés à un stade avancé.

30 Jan 2020, motors.mega.mu

Candos: fermeture de route et déviation

Pendant un peu plus d’un mois et demi, la rue Hillary Blood, à Candos, sera partiellement fermée à la circulation.

22 Jun 2018, motors.mega.mu

La SBI Ouvre La Première Banque Automatisée

L’automatisation des services bancaires franchit une nouvelle étape à Maurice. La SBI a ouvert une succursale où les employés sont remplacés par des guichets automatiques.

24 Aug 2017, business.mega.mu

Station De Lavage Écologique: La Mairie De Quatre-Bornes Sert Une Mise En Demeure

L’ouverture d’une station de lavage de voiture écologique à l’angle de la route Royale et de l’avenue Coriolis à Belle-Rose est hautement contestée.

21 Jun 2016, motors.mega.mu

A short visit to shitty Victoria (Candos) Public Hospital

So, I just came back from Candos Hospital after driving a patient with minor pains for some medical assistance. Here’s a small report : Card registration officer has been talking on his mobile phone using earpiece for at least 10mins while it has been clearly written on his own desk that mobile phones and earpieces […]

29 Dec 2015, Yashvin, pages of my life

Municipalities; Cities and Their Big Projects

Installed for about eight months, new political teams cities have had time to clear the field and get to work. If for some priorities have not changed between the former directors and newcomers, for others, there is something new.

08 Aug 2013, business.mega.mu

Quatre Bornes : long queues ahead!

I have stopped counting the number of times I have seen them digging again into newly tarred roads (see above). Or the numerous places with inadequate and confusing road warning signs.

13 Jul 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Five families allocated houses at Quatre Bornes

The minister of Finance, Xavier-Luc Duval and the president of the Commission for Democratisation of the Economy, Nita Deerpalsing handed house keys to five families living in the region of Quatre Bornes. The ceremony took place at the residence of one of the beneficiaries, Omrajsing Oozageer who lauded this initiative of the Ministry of Social [...]

30 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

Situation critical despite downpour

Mare aux Vacoas, the country’s largest reservoir, is still in a critical situation despite the downpour that the island experienced during the weekend. The Central Water Authority (CWA) will maintain water cuts as the reservoir is filled at 33.5 per cent only. At its average rate, Mare aux Vacoas should be filled at 79.1 per [...]

27 Jun 2011, The Independent Daily

Police hunt for child bashers

A woman working at a day nursery in Quatre Bornes is accused of brutally assaulting two toddlers.

24 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

And what if your kid was there?

Today, Mauritius has woken up with another shocking news reported by RadioPlus through a video showing an employee of a Crèche slapping 2 small kids.

23 Feb 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

Bagatelle dam bid awarded in June

The contract for the construction of a dam at Bagatelle will be allocated by mid-2011. The contract for the construction of a dam at Bagatelle will be allocated by mid-2011.

23 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

MMM sends feelers to PM

The Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM) is organising a meeting on Sunday at 9.30 am at La Louise, Quatre Bornes, to give more information on the purchase of the MedPoint clinic by the state.

11 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily