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Permis d’Occupation Et De Résidence : Plus De 6 500 Étrangers Obtiennent Le Précieux Sésame

De janvier 2015 au 10 juin dernier, le Bureau du Premier ministre a octroyé 6 087 permis d’occupation, 487 permis de résidence et 36 permis de résidence permanent valables pour dix ans.

31 Aug 2017,

Meritt Elipsis : le re-launching prévu en août

Le projet immobilier du Meritt Elipsis s’est-il transformé en chantier fantôme ? Le projet avance-t-il depuis sa reprise par le groupe de construction chinois Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) ?

01 Aug 2017,

Au CCID : un couple français accuse un promoteur immobilier et son notaire de duperie

Ces retraités français veulent avoir les deux appartements qu’ils ont déjà réservés contre paiement. Mais le promoteur mauricien ne compte plus les leur vendre…

10 May 2017,

Buying Into Paradise: Mauritius Woos Foreign Investors

VENTURES AFRICA – High-priced resorts are helping Mauritius to diversify its economy while offering wealthy foreigners a holiday home or a new life in the sun.

01 Jul 2014,

Real Estate: Troubles of Local Projects Affect IRS / RES

The subject divides. On one side there are observers who are skeptical about the success of real estate projects in Mauritius and talk about market saturation. On the other hand, there are optimists who believe firmly that the Mauritian property has a bright future.

23 Apr 2014,

Property: Bubble Increases?

For years the real estate sector is booming, with hundreds of projects underway or in the pipeline. Even in terms of foreign direct investment, it is always the dominant estate.

17 Apr 2014,

IRS and RES Attract Less Foreigners

From 2005, when the concept of the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) has been launched to date, 500 houses were sold. But it is clear that foreigners are less interested in luxury apartments.

10 Apr 2014,

IRS-RES: Real Estate Market Becomes More Open to Foreign

Criteria to allow foreigners to buy property in Mauritius were relaxed. Instead of acquiring a property in their own name, for example, they can do so through their offshore company.

11 Feb 2014,

IRS-RES: A 'Rethinking' is Needed

In general, the real estate sector is slowing down. Some projects IRS-RES then stagnate others are reluctant to get started. Proponents believe that 'rethinking complete sector is necessary because the market and competition still stuck in the past ...

13 Dec 2013,

Residential Estate Scheme: Villas Are Struggling to Find Buyers

Since the launch of projects Residential Estate Scheme (RES), only 362 houses were sold. As for other RES projects, 27 have not yet started, while 27 others are in progress.

06 Aug 2013,

Island of Opportunity: Mauritius Is on the Up

A piece of tropical paradise without the crowds – Mauritius offers a tax-friendly alternative to the Caribbean.

20 Mar 2013,

IRS and RES-Hotels: Mobilization on the Net to Counter the Proliferation of Projects

Our wild shores soon disappear under concrete hectares under pressure from property developers and hoteliers, Mauritius and abroad. We strongly decries on the net, accelerating the construction of hotels in Mauritius.

28 Feb 2013,

Port Chambly Selling Villas RES to Pay Debts

So that Clifton Properties Ltd (CPL), developer of the residential complex Port Chambly, Le Goulet, is put into liquidation, a solution will be offered on Wednesday February 27 by administrators PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

27 Feb 2013,

Investment: RES and IRS no Longer Cote d'Amour

A few years ago, the RES projects (Residential Estate Scheme) and IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme) were the most powerful magnets in foreign direct investment in the country. With a thousand villas sold to date, the account looks good. However, in 2011 and 2012, a slowdown was noted in this activity.

19 Feb 2013,

Luxury Real Estate: CentrePoint with Debts of Rs 850 Million in Liquidation

Port Chambly complex with IRS villas and hotel, and a slate of Rs 800 million, in administration since the beginning of the year

17 Jan 2013,

Real Estate Acquisition by Foreigners: A Journey Full of Tricks

Acquire property in Mauritius is a dream cherished many foreigners, for various reasons. Legislation, including the 'Non-Citizens Property Restriction Act' real estate transactions governed by foreigners.

16 Jan 2013,

Apartments and Luxury Villas: Our Coasts are Popular

More than ever, the coastal areas have the wind in their sails. Foreigners, young professionals, retirees and Mauritians settled abroad are more projects in these areas and land there are also prices soaring.

15 Jan 2013,

Real Estate: Luxury Projects for Non-Residents

You are a non-resident who wishes to invest in a real estate project in Mauritius? This is possible under the Real Estate Scheme (RES). But what type of real estate investing and where? Report.

31 Dec 2012,

Imperial Gardens: RES Urban Green

It is the first housing project Real Estate Scheme (RES) in urban areas. Headquartered in Phoenix, Imperial Gardens was officially presented by City View Development Co ltd, Monday evening November 26, 2012 at the Imperial Gardens Showroom.

28 Nov 2012,

Grand-Baie La Croisette : De Prestigieuses Nouvelles Enseignes S’implantent A Maurice

Le vaste chantier de Grand-Baie La Croisette est achevé à 89%. D’ici deux mois, cet espace de 50 000 m², situé à l’angle des rues Vingt Pied et Sottise, accueillera ses premiers visiteurs.

27 Aug 2012,

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