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Transport en Commun: Rs 2,2 Milliards de Recettes par An

Les revendications se multiplient pour la hausse salariale dans le secteur du transport en commun. Le Défi Plus s’est intéressé à la situation financière des principales compagnies. De leur côté, les opérateurs individuels ne roulent pas à perte.

14 Jul 2013, motors.mega.mu

NTC 6 Routes "Privatized": 36 Individual Buses, RHT and UBS on Track

The decision of the NTC to no longer serve six lines caused an outcry from unions. It was the center of the PNQ in Parliament on Tuesday. 36 individual buses, the RHT and UBS operate on these lines since Monday.

26 Jun 2013, motors.mega.mu

Siddharth Sharma, GM Rose-Hill Transport: "Yes, the Light Rail, but beware, Taxis Brown”!

He did not yet 40 years old but he is already facing a major challenge: the transition of the company Rose-Hill Transport in the context of LRT and maintain jobs. Siddharth Sharma, General Manager (GM) of the company Rose-Hill Transport, is still serene.

21 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Rose-Hill : La RHT Recoit la Cité Chebel

La quatrième édition de la « Customer Proximity Initiative », organisée par la RHT Bus Services Ltd (RHT), s’est tenue le samedi 16 mars au collège St Mary’s, Rose-Hill. Cette demi-journée d’activités était destinée, cette année, aux habitants de la région de Chebel et aux membres de l’association La Voix des Sans Voix.

20 Mar 2013, motors.mega.mu

Students Have to Pay the Fare Bagatelle in Both Directions?: The NTA Initiates Investigation

National Transport has commissioned a survey on the path Bagatelle. The regulatory authority intends to determine whether students must pay their bus ticket on this route. Rose-Hill Transport (RHT) has already applied the knife, asking students to pay for their ticket.

07 Feb 2013, motors.mega.mu

Transport en Commun CNT Planche sur l’Introduction de Cartes Prépayées

C’est un projet ambitieux. La Compagnie Nationale de Transport (CNT) compte introduire des ‘smart cards’ (cartes prépayées) à l’intention des passagers et ce, dans le cadre de son plan de restructuration.

23 Jan 2013, motors.mega.mu

Public Transport Sector: Conflict Between Unions and Employers Increasing

Neither the union nor the employers do not want to change posture to improve the working conditions of employees of public transport. The first attempt to reconcile the Ministry of Labour has achieved nothing.

20 Jan 2013, motors.mega.mu

Two New Buses For Shopping

Since December 1st, RHT Holding makes available to the public two RHT Shopping Express. These 27 seat bus will link the malls of ebony, Trianon and Phoenix. Finished the long waits! Farewell also to the seats, too tight for storing bags filled after hours of shopping!

03 Dec 2012, motors.mega.mu

Rose-Hill Transport Dessert les Centres Commerciaux d’Ebène/ Trianon/Phoenix

Les accros du shopping pourront voyager sur le « RHT Shopping Express » qui reliera les centres commerciaux d’Ebène, de Trianon et de Phoenix à partir du 1er décembre.

01 Dec 2012, motors.mega.mu

Competition Vans " Marron" Put Public Transport Companies In Red

The taxi "marron" is an ongoing problem ... Not being outdone, vans " marron" also proliferating. The public transport companies suffer and see their sales drop significantly every month. Folder to urgently address and be presented to the President of the Republic on Monday.

24 Sep 2012, motors.mega.mu

Rose Hill Transport Introduces e-Cards

Rose Hill Transport (RHT) recently introduced the Etoile card. It uses the latest technology in contactless cards to provide users with an easy and secure way to make purchases.

06 Jan 2012, motors.mega.mu

Diversification - Rose-Hill Transport launches into real estate

Rose-Hill Transport continues to diversify its operations. The company plans to build residential buildings and a shopping complex at Rose Hill.

17 Oct 2011, business.mega.mu

Rose-Hill Transport Holdings wants run its buses on ethanol

An investment is about Rs8.5 million, it is due to start in July next year

16 Mar 2011, business.mega.mu