Rose Belle Mauritius

Mort sur la voie publique: «Ce n’est pas le billet remis à la victime…»

Il a indiqué avoir remis un billet à Rakesh Nepal car l’épouse de celui-ci venait d'accoucher.

19 Jun 2018,

Alcool au volant: trois blessées dans un accident au Morne

Un accident a eu lieu hier soir, mercredi 18 avril, au Morne.

20 Apr 2018,

Business Parks of Mauritius at Rose-Belle: Rent from Rs 1 Million per Month

The new building of "Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd", which will be at Rose-Belle, starting in 2013. This tower consists of six floors, will be a building "high tech" with the space rental cost about Rs 1 million monthly.

29 Oct 2012,

5 poisoned children out of danger

Police arrested Marie Stephanie Annie Carly who allegedly poisoned five children with Datura. The suspect will appear at Souillac Court on Thursday under a temporary charge of administering noxious substances. Police are looking at the possibility that the concoction which consisted of the Datura was mixed with Coka by adults. The children drank it. According [...]

09 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

Rose Belle hosts first co-op fair

The Ministry of Business, Enterprises, Cooperatives and Consumer Protection will host the cooperative fair in Rose Belle for the first time on February 11.

08 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily