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Confinement/Examens: student ID card et time-table requis pour circuler

La National Land Transport Authority (NTLA) tient à informer le public, conformément au confinement en vigueur, que les étudiants participant aux examens doivent présenter leur ‘time-table’ respectif et leur Student Identify Card (SIC) durant un contrôle de police.

19 Mar 2021,

924 Foreign Students In Mauritius

The admission of foreign students in Mauritius rate seems on track according to the figures mentioned in the report 'Participation in Tertiary Education in 2012' of the TEC.

03 Sep 2013,

Free Transport: Blackmail Operators

The main bus operators threaten the country no longer free transport students and elderly people in the future. They want the government to revise upward the subsidy is granted. In a letter dated 20 August 2013 addressed to the Government and entitled 'Financial Situation in the Bus Industry', operators claim that the grant should be revised upward by at least 12%.

29 Aug 2013,

Transport Gratuit : Contrôles Plus Rigoureux

Le gouvernement a signifié son intention d’imposer un contrôle plus rigoureux sur les allocations que perçoivent les compagnies de transport et les opérateurs d’autobus individuels pour le transport gratuit.

03 Aug 2013,

Free tablets for Form 4 students. Your thoughts?

A few months ago, you have most probably thought that the government was just blabbering about this project of giving a tablet to each and every Form 4 student. This concerns more than 20,000 units to be distributed in some 157 secondary schools. Let's talk about it!

16 Jan 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

BOI launched a contest for students

The first prize is Rs 50,000

04 Apr 2011,

One-week forum organised by NWEC

National Women Entrepreneur Council (NWEC) will for the first time host an entrepreneurial week from March 14 to 18. This is in keeping with International Women’s Day that was celebrated on March 8. The aim of the entrepreneurial week is to encourage women to celebrate entrepreneurship as well as to encourage them to become entrepreneurs. [...]

09 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily