Terre Rouge Mauritius

Gilbert Parisot, garagiste : La mécanique façon vintage

Gilbert Parisot redonne vie aux voitures d’antan.

09 Nov 2020, motors.mega.mu

Voierie à Terre Rouge: Basalt Street dans un piteux état

Attention gros danger! Il ne s’agit pas de la maudite Coronavirus. Mais de l’état piteux dans lequel se trouve Basalt Street, aussi appelée Basalt Lane, depuis bientôt deux ans!

02 Jun 2020, motors.mega.mu

Pictures of motorway Verdun-Terre Rouge under construction

Accompanied by family members this evening, I went to Creve Coeur to have a look at the works currently being done for the Verdun-Terre Rouge motorway project.

16 Oct 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

Schoolgirl stalker arrested

On Monday, police arrested a 40-year-old man from Pamplemousses under a provisional charge of ‘rogue and vagabond’. He is suspected of stalking students from the Pamplemousses SSS after school hours and asking them to get into his vehicle. One of the students’ parent, who is a police officer, lodged a complaint with the police on [...]

17 May 2011, The Independent Daily

Heroin seized during stop and search

A small amount of heroin was seized from Mrs. Marie Anne Menes by police officers who were conducting a stop- and- search operation near Winners supermarket in Terre Rouge on... Read more »

10 Feb 2011, KotZot