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Rivière-Noire accident: the alcohol lever in driver’s blood was exceed than permitted in three times

One of possible cause of Rivière-Noire drama is alcohol. According to the Forensic Science Laboratory’s report, Arnaud Paul had level of alcohol in the blood three times height as the permissible.

12 Mar 2011,

Gasoline was used to burn Harish Boodhoo’s cars

The fire at Harish Boodhoo house, Belle Terre, has criminal origin. At Thursday, March 10, experts from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) have sent to the CID of Phoenix report where the presence of catalyst in the 4x2 rear burned tires was confirmed.

11 Mar 2011,

Caudan Security officers saved a driver from a fire

Three officers of Caudan Security have saved a woman driving his car Thursday, March 3.

10 Mar 2011,

Tragedy at Riviere Noire – 2 adults and a baby dead in an accident

An adventure turned into tragedy for two families on Sunday night. Paul Arnaud’s car, a Peugeot 307, had left the road and ended his race against a tree before ending up in a ravine in Rivière-Noire. Two passengers who were on the front seat and a baby did not survive this terrible accident. While the

07 Mar 2011, MauritiusHot

Two vehicles torched in Belle Terre at three o'clock in the morning

Harish Boodhoo and his nephew cars parked in a shed beside his house were burned. Around 3 am Harish Boodhoo was awakened by his nephew told him that his car was burning. Once outside, the two men try to take the extinguisher to fight the fire. But the fire was too intense.

02 Mar 2011,

Fines are not the only solution

Speed cameras and increasing the fines, will they decrease the number of accidents on our roads?

17 Jan 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

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