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At least 80 killed, 300 injured in Afghanistan blast

A powerful vehicle bomb has hit the diplomatic area of the Afghan capital, Kabul, killing at least 80 people and injuring 350.

31 May 2017,

Suicide Bombing in Kabul Kills at Least 10

A suicide bombing near a police facility in Kabul left at least 10 people dead and 20 others wounded on Monday, Afghan officials said.

01 Feb 2016,

Afghanistan: Terrorists Gunned Down After 25-hour Gunfight at the Indian Consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif

Military choppers of the Afghanistan security forces have dropped commandos atop the building holding the remaining militants and the battle is "inching towards final assault."

05 Jan 2016,

Taliban Fighters Take Hostages in Kandahar Airport Attack

At least 19 people have been killed and several hostages held as heavy fighting continues at the airport in the Afghan city of Kandahar, officials say.

09 Dec 2015,

Death Toll From Earthquake in Afghanistan and Pakistan Tops 300

A day after a powerful earthquake hit northern Afghanistan and Pakistan, officials said on Tuesday that more than 300 people had been killed in both countries, while warning that a complete picture of the damage in remote areas isolated by difficult terrain and an active insurgency could take days to emerge.

27 Oct 2015,

Earthquake Shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan, India; At Least 49 Dead

A magnitude-7.5 earthquake hit northeastern Afghanistan on Monday, killing at least 49 people there and in neighboring Pakistan.

26 Oct 2015,

Taliban Deftly Offer Message in Video of Freed U.S. Soldier

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban seem loose, almost offhand, on camera as they wait for the American Black Hawk to land. Two fighters walk their hostage, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, out to American troops, greeting their enemies eye to eye as they quickly shake hands. They wave as the Americans retreat back to the chopper.

05 Jun 2014,

Twin Landslides Site That Killed at Least 2,000 Afghans Declared a Mass Grave

A double landslide that first buried an Afghanistan village and then hundreds of rescuers is a mass grave holding thousands of people after authorities found that digging for bodies in 50 meters of mud and rock was impossible, officials said Saturday.

05 May 2014,

Nato Chinook helicopter has crashed in Afghanistan, apparently shot down, killing 22 US special forces

Most deadly incident for the coalition in the decade-long war will apply further pressure for rapid withdrawal of troops A Nato Chinook helicopter has crashed in Afghanistan, apparently shot down,... Read more »

07 Aug 2011, KotZot