Agro-industry Mauritius

Agro industry attains 90 pc self-sufficiency

In reply to the Opposition leader Paul Bérenger’s questions concerning the agricultural sector, the minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security Satish Faugoo, informed the house, during the parliamentary debate on Saturday that last year the agro industry has produced 21,700 tonnes. Therefore, this implies attaining a 90 per cent of self sufficiency compared to 45 [...]

14 Nov 2011, The Independent Daily

Ministry of Agro Industry eyeing agricultural mechanisation

The government will provide a new scheme to planters so that they can slowly turn to agricultural mechanisation. A fund of Rs 100 million will be set up for this purpose. This was stated by the minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, Satish Faugoo. “Increasing agricultural production while providing logistical support to farmers and producers [...]

13 Oct 2011, The Independent Daily