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World Travel Awards 2012: Air Mauritius And Port-Louis The Best Indian Ocean

In a regional ranking dominated by the Maldives and the Seychelles, Mauritius is anyway managed to pull out of the game with the awards obtained by Air Mauritius and Port-Louis, "World Travel Awards ".

19 Oct 2012,

Air Mauritius: Management Team Change Welcomed By Small Shareholders

"This is a good signal, a courageous decision that can only be good for the company. »Comment Ramlugun Raj, secretary of the Minority Shareholders Listed Companies Association, following the reorganization of the management team of Air Mauritius.

20 Sep 2012,

Paris-Maurice-Paris: Air Mauritius Carries Golf Bags For Free

Les members of the loyalty program of Air Mauritius are spoiled! Since the early members of the "Kestrelflyer" enjoy free transport to their golf bag on the route Paris-Maurice-Paris.

18 Sep 2012,

Expect more big fat Indian weddings travel to Mauritius

Indian weddings are multi-million rupees events and evidently so, it is a niche segment. That is probably the only reason why foreign tourism bodies that are otherwise meticulous in data collection have not yet culled statistics to monitor the growth of the Indian wedding market segment. But there is enough anecdotal evidence that suggests that [...]The post Expect more big fat Indian weddings travel to Mauritius appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

13 Aug 2012, KotZot

Good New Reasons to Fly

Air Mauritius has introduced flights to several new destinations in the past few months and is now competing with European and Middle Eastern airlines in offering them to SA travellers leaving from Joburg.

10 Aug 2012,

Air Mauritius Signed with Mercator for Cargo

The national airline has signed with Mercator for its' Rapid Cargo Solution to manage the revenue of the carrier for its cargo operations.

08 Aug 2012,

IBM to boost technical talent in Mauritius

The University of Mauritius in collaboration with IBM will help meet the demand for Computer Science skills in Mauritius. The joint academic initiative will provide technology and training resources while boosting support for computer science professionals at the University. In tandem, IBM also launched a Mauritian technical skills training pilot initiative for IT specialists, which [...]The post IBM to boost technical talent in Mauritius appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

25 Jul 2012, KotZot

Why the everyday Mauritian is the “traceur” or “magouilleur” par excellence

When it comes down to it, the everyday Mauritian is the “traceur” or “magouilleur” par excellence – familiar examples being falsifying a home address to get a child into a perceived “star school”, bribing whoever it takes to pass a driving test or somehow manage to get more carry-on luggage than the allowed quota at [...]The post Why the everyday Mauritian is the “traceur” or “magouilleur” par excellence appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

09 Jul 2012, KotZot

Mauritius is seeking to boost tourists arrivals from India, Russia and China by almost 50 percent

Mauritius is seeking to boost tourists arrivals from India, Russia and China by almost 50 percent this year as travelers to the Indian Ocean island from Europe decline. “We are aiming for as much as 120,000 visitors from these countries in 2012,” Tourism Minister Michael Sik Yuen said in an interview yesterday in the capital, [...]The post Mauritius is seeking to boost tourists arrivals from India, Russia and China by almost 50 percent appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

02 Jul 2012, KotZot

Air Austral and Air Mauritius Announced Code Sharing on Australia

Air Austral and Air Mauritius confirmed their plans to codeshare on Australia (PERTH) on the planes of Air Mauritius. This transaction is awaiting final approval of the competent authorities.

17 Jun 2012,

Loss of Rs 1.2 Billion for Air Mauritius

The national airline is still not out of the turbulence. Air Mauritius has recorded net losses of Rs 1.2 billion for the entire fiscal year 2011-2012.

13 Jun 2012,

Bad and Good News for Mauritians of Sydney and Melbourne

The decision of Air Mauritius to abandon trolleys Sydney and Melbourne coincides with Air Austral to remove trolleys Sydney and Noumea.

18 May 2012,

Air Mauritius : 1,9 Million de Sièges Entre Avril 2012 et Mars 2013

Air Mauritius augmente sa capacité de sièges de 3 % cette année. Ainsi depuis le 1er avril 2012 jusqu’au 31 mars 2013, la compagnie d’aviation nationale proposera 1 943 946 sièges en mettant davantage l’accent sur les marchés émergents et l’océan Indien.

26 Apr 2012,

Air Mauritius Met en Place Son Nouveau Modèle d’Entreprise

La compagnie d'aviation nationale Air Mauritius met en oeuvre son nouveau modèle d’entreprise composé d’un plan de sept étapes qui sont les Recovery Steps et les Game Changers.

17 Apr 2012,

Privatization: a Necessity?

A subject that is under debate at the Cargo Handling Corporation and the Central Water Authority (CWA). The journalist Nadarajen Pillay has made his theme on the show "For or Against".

06 Mar 2012,

Air Mauritius: Les Aspirants Pilotes Crient à l’Injustice et Sollicitent l’Aide de l’État

Suite à de longs mois d’incertitude, des détenteurs d’une licence de base de pilote sortent de leur mutisme. Les recrutements soulèvent des interrogations et les aspirants souhaitent que la lumière soit faite sur cette affaire.

01 Mar 2012,

Large European Company Eyeing Air Mauritius

A major European companies are very interested in Air Mauritius and should submit a firm offer of strategic partnership in the coming weeks. Qatar Airways is no longer alone on the list.

16 Feb 2012,

Faced with the Crisis, Air Mauritius Gives Up More Destinations

The ongoing correspondence principle to compensate for the suspension of certain destinations is one of the measures of national airline to reverse its losses. The units of Air Mauritius will land in Milan, Sydney / Melbourne, Frankfurt, Geneva, Munich, Bangalore and Durban.

14 Feb 2012,

Air Mauritius: Perspectives d’Embauche pour les Pilotes peu Expérimentés

La compagnie d’aviation nationale se retrouve avec un nombre surnuméraire de pilotes. Elle n’est pas en mesure de déterminer quand exactement ces derniers seront promus sur long courrier pour permettre l’embauche d’autres pilotes mauriciens peu expérimentés.

13 Feb 2012,

L’arrivée d’Air France Fait Baisser les Tarifs sur Maurice

L’entrée en scène d’un concurrent sur une desserte aérienne donnée entraîne presque automatiquement une baisse des tarifs. L’arrivée d’Air France sur l’axe Réunion - Maurice a confirmé la règle.

07 Feb 2012,