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Bill Gates just switched to an Android phone

The billionaire Microsoft founder told Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace he recently switched to a mobile device that runs Google's Android software.

27 Sep 2017,

So, when will your device actually get Android Oreo?

Google officially just took the wraps off of Android Oreo, but there are still some questions left to be answered — most notably, precisely when each device will be getting the latest version of the mobile operating system. Due to Android’s openness and a variety of different factors on the manufacturing side, it’s not an easy question to answer, but we’ll break it down best we can.

22 Aug 2017,

SBM (finally) launched its mobile banking apps!

Long due since the launch of their new banking system (including a new Internet Banking web site) back in September 2016, the mobile apps have finally been publicly announced yesterday. Designed to run on...

22 Jun 2017, Yashvin, pages of my life

The Essential Phone: A First Look At The Hardware

Immediately after Essential CEO Andy Rubin finished up his interview with Walt Mossberg at the Code Conference, I headed out into the hotel to track the phone down and see it for myself.

31 May 2017,

Google Just Killed What Might Be The Biggest Android Ad Fraud Ever

Google has thrown more than 40 apps out of its Play store after it emerged they were quietly forcing Android users to click on ads. As the apps been downloaded as many as 36 million times, security researchers said it appeared to be the biggest ever case of ad fraud perpetrated via Google Play and probably the most successful malware in terms of installs from the official store.

29 May 2017,

The 10 Biggest Announcements from Google I/O 2017

Google just concluded its I/O 2017 keynote, where executives led by CEO Sundar Pichai laid out the company’s future roadmap for Android, Google Assistant, Google Home, virtual reality, and much more.

18 May 2017,

Android users can now read websites even when there isn't a connection available -- here's how

Google rolled out a new feature for Android users on Monday that allows them to save entire Websites in Chrome for reading later.

09 May 2017,

Google adds phishing protection to Gmail on Android

Following the widespread phishing scam that affected Google Docs and Gmail users this week, Google says it’s now rolling out a new security feature in its Gmail application on Android that will help warn users about suspicious links.

04 May 2017,

Google now has a Raspberry Pi-like computer for Android

Want to run Android, but don't want to buy a smartphone, tablet or Android TV device? Then this may be the answer to your prayers: Google has teamed up with Huawei to deliver the HiKey 960, a Raspberry Pi style computer board that runs Android.

28 Apr 2017,

[Guest post] Creating Mauritian games for Google Play

Hello everyone! Some days back, when Vipin got in touch with me to share links to his Android games he created himself, I had absolutely no idea that he was an architect by profession,...

05 Mar 2017, Yashvin, pages of my life

Some Android users can now make video calls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s impending support for video calling appears to be closer to launch. According to new reports, the feature is now functional in some of the beta builds of the Android application, following its recent arrival in the Windows Phone version of the Facebook-owned messaging app.

26 Oct 2016,

As the Note 7 dies will Google inherit the Android kingdom?

Samsung just officially ended the Note 7, barely two months after it launched. The full implications for Samsung are yet to be seen, but it's undeniably a huge blow to its mobile reputation.

12 Oct 2016,

Google will announce its next smartphone on October 4th

Google has announced that it will be holding an event on October 4th in San Francisco, where it will likely unveil its latest smartphones (which may or may not be released under the Nexus brand).

20 Sep 2016,

Google will announce its next smartphone on October 4th

Google has announced that it will be holding an event on October 4th in San Francisco, where it will likely unveil its latest smartphones (which may or may not be released under the Nexus brand).

20 Sep 2016,

How to install Android 7.0 Nougat on your Nexus phone or table

Android 7.0 Nougat has arrived.

24 Aug 2016,

Russia fines Google $6.75 million for pre-installing apps on Android

Less than what Google makes in an hour

12 Aug 2016,

Google Maps for Android gets Wi-Fi-only mode and SD card download option

Google is making its Maps app more accessible to users in emerging markets with two nifty features for the Android version of the service.

09 Aug 2016,

Android bug fear in 900 million phones

Serious security flaws that could give attackers complete access to a phone's data have been found in software used on tens of millions of Android devices.

08 Aug 2016,

Google’s Android Phone app now identifies spam callers

There’s nothing worse than answering a call from a number you don’t recognize and getting locked into an awkward sales or marketing call. Well, those incidents may be less frequent for many after Google added spam call detection to its phone app for Android.

26 Jul 2016,

HummingBad malware infects 10m Android devices

Over 10m Android devices have been infected with a new piece of malware called HummingBad, according to security firm Check Point.

06 Jul 2016,

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