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Apple's latest security flaw is a 'text bomb'

Software developer Abraham Masri claimed to have found the bug, called "chaiOS," and posted it on programming site GitHub on Tuesday afternoon. The so-called "text bomb" typically causes an iPhone to crash and, in some cases, restart. A newly discovered security flaw is affecting Apple's iPhone and Mac computers.

18 Jan 2018,

Google 'drops everything' to fix burger emoji

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has tasked employees returning to work on Monday morning with one key objective: fix the burger emoji.

30 Oct 2017,

Bill Gates just switched to an Android phone

The billionaire Microsoft founder told Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace he recently switched to a mobile device that runs Google's Android software.

27 Sep 2017,

iPhone 8: glass back 'very difficult' to repair and costs more than screen to replace

Apple’s ‘most durable glass ever in a smartphone’ claim likely to be put to the test with first iPhone 8 accidents, but repairs won’t be cheap, reports say

25 Sep 2017,

IOS 11 Review: 10 Things To Try

iOS 11 is available, officially, since yesterday. It's coming to every iPhone and iPad made in the past few years, and chances are, you're going to upgrade.

20 Sep 2017,

Apple 'pulls 60 VPNs from China App Store'

The creators of several Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have criticised Apple's decision to remove their products from its App Store in China.

31 Jul 2017,

SBM (finally) launched its mobile banking apps!

Long due since the launch of their new banking system (including a new Internet Banking web site) back in September 2016, the mobile apps have finally been publicly announced yesterday. Designed to run on...

22 Jun 2017, Yashvin, pages of my life

Apple announced the future this week, and you probably didn't even notice

Apple revealed its 10-year plan for the future this week. If you don't remember that slide from the hours of presentations Apple execs made on stage during the company's developer conference on Monday, you're not alone.

07 Jun 2017,

Here are the six big announcements Apple just made

When Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage to kick off WWDC on Monday, he said he was going to make six big announcements. There was a lot discussed on stage, far more than just six items, but they boil down to a few key topics. Here's what you might have missed if you didn't tune in.

06 Jun 2017,

Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 8 'Shape Change'

We already know the iPhone will change significantly in 2017, but now a new report has shed light on another radical alteration - and it comes from one of Apple’s largest manufacturing partners…

30 May 2017,

Watch how a man built an iPhone for $300

An engineer says he bought everything at public phone parts markets in Huaqiangbei, China. And he's made a video to prove his case.

13 Apr 2017,

Apple Leak Reveals Massive iPhone 8 Upgrade

The iPhone 8 is going to be a game changer for Apple AAPL +1.29%: an all new design, the addition of key catch up features from rivals and an eye watering price. But new information suggests the most expensive iPhone ever made may just be worth it…

15 Feb 2017,

Apple Said to Be Near Deal to Manufacture Products in India

Apple Inc. is nearing a deal to manufacture its products in India, according to a senior government official, as the company seeks to boost its sales in a market that is home to more than 1.2 billion people.

30 Jan 2017,

Apple Is Discussing Manufacturing in India, Government Officials Say

Apple is seeking financial incentives to move ahead with plan, Indian officials say

20 Dec 2016,

How to use Messages in iOS 10, from special effects to iMessage apps

Thanks to iOS 10, your Messages app is way more than a texting app. Way, way more. Now that the official release of iOS 10 is out, here’s your guide to using all the new features in Messages, from sending fullscreen effects to installing your third-party iMessage apps from your favorite services like Venmo, ESPN, and OpenTable.

28 Oct 2016,

Apple’s MacBook Pro event recap

In the second Apple event in the past two months, Tim Cook ceremoniously took the stage yesterday at Apple HQ to keep us posted on what the company has been working on.

28 Oct 2016,

Apple lawsuit says 90 percent of 'official' chargers sold on Amazon are fake

Ever had to buy a new Apple charger from Amazon? Well beware even those labelled as the genuine article — according to a recent lawsuit filed by Apple, 90 percent of them are fake.

20 Oct 2016,

Apple Watch reportedly banned from UK cabinet meetings

If your computer and your smartphone can be hacked by nefarious foreign hackers, maybe you should also be worried about your Apple Watch.

11 Oct 2016,

New iOS 10 security flaw makes it easier to crack iPhone backups

According to Forbes, Apple’s latest iOS release seems to have accidentally weakened the iPhone’s security, potentially allowing unauthorized access to localized backups.

26 Sep 2016,

iOS 10 is surfacing hardcore porn GIFs in iMessage

Apple is having trouble removing porn from iMessage's new GIF search feature. Overnight, Deadspin noticed a highly sexual My Little Pony GIF appearing in searches for the word "butt," but the problem goes well beyond that.

16 Sep 2016,

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