Asia Mauritius

Pourquoi l’Asie devient une destination d’affaires pour les Mauriciens

Ciel Textile, CMT Ltd, Lux Resorts & Hotels, Cim Group et plus récemment ABC Banking, ils ont chacun un point commun. C’est que ces groupes ont décidé de prendre le pari international en investissant en Asie ou, à défaut, d’assurer une présence dans cette partie du monde.

03 Aug 2017,

Apple iPhone Rollout Boosts Asia's Component Makers

Preparations for the rollout of Apple's latest iPhones are rippling through Asian economies, boosting revenues at component makers and helping underpin electronics exports from some nations.

24 Jul 2014,

2013 Asia's Fab 50

Businesses are being tested throughout the region.

08 Sep 2013,

Mobile Adoption, Same-Day Bookings Up in Asia

Mobile bookings in Asia might lag behind much of the developed world, but their rate of adoption is increasing exponentially, according to speakers during last month’s No Vacancy Southeast Asia conference in Bangkok.

10 Jul 2013,

Asia's Week: Bad Tidings For Export Processing Zones

Low-wage export manufacturing, often in designated zones, has seeded the early stages of industrialization in many Asian economies. But hazards to health and safety are legion, particularly when independent unions and outside monitors are weak.

29 Apr 2013,

What The Billionaires List Tells Us About Asian Emerging Markets

Everyone enjoys the voyeuristic thrill of FORBES ASIA’s annual listing of the world’s billionaires, but as an emerging market investor I use the list as a tool to spot what I call Breakout Nations–economies poised to beat expectations, and rivals, over the next five to ten years. Analyzing the list can provide a quick read on an emerging economy.

16 Mar 2013,

Board of Investment: Priorities for 2013

The national agency for investment and promotions is boiling. The Director Board of Investment, Ken Poonoosamy, displays his optimism for the year 2013, while focusing on its priorities. For its part, the Africa Centre, launched in 2012, explores opportunities in Africa.

06 Feb 2013,

BRICS and Africa: Mauritius Has Strategy

South Africa will host the fifth BRICS Summit in Durban from 25 to 27 March. The South Africa, in line with its strategy to promote regional integration, has for the first time, invited the regional economies in Africa and the African Union Fifth Summit of BRICS.

29 Jan 2013,

Centara Bets on Asia’s Budget Boom

BANGKOK—Building off the boom of Southeast Asia’s budget airline sector, Centara Hotels & Resorts is developing a new economy hotel brand that is set to take flight in 2015.

17 Jan 2013,

Africa Training Institute to be Set Up in Mauritius

Visiting Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde and Mauritian Finance and Economic Development Minister Xavier-Luc Duval have signed a pact for the establishment of the Africa Training Institute (ATI) on the island, PANA reported Friday.

28 Dec 2012,

Top 10 Trends in Startup Asia 2012

As the 2012 calendar near a close in this Chinese Dragon year, it’s time to reflect on the top trends that defined the increasingly sophisticated Startup Asia scene over the past 12 months.

25 Dec 2012,

Asian Growth in 2012 Downgraded by the Rating Agency Fitch

The agency rating Fitch has downgraded, Friday, December 24, the calculations of growth for Asia in 2012. It thus reflects the effects of the global economic slowdown and tight monetary policies of China and India, faced with high inflation and persistent.

24 Dec 2011,

Air Mauritius bids to boost Malaysia trips

At least 15,000 Mauritians travelled to Malaysia in 2010

27 May 2011,

Les Iles Vanilles dans les starting blocks

C'est un voyage fructueux que le ministre du Tourisme, Mr Nando Bodha, a effectué à l’Île de La Réunion du 9 au 10 avril 2011 avec le directeur de la MTPA et du Vice Président d'Air Mauritius

12 Apr 2011,