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Secteur Bancaire - ATM : Les Limites Autorisées Pour Les Retraits

La State Bank of Mauritius (SBM) a récemment étendu la limite autorisée pour les retraits à un guichet automatique. Elle passe de Rs 10 000 à Rs 20 000 par jour. Que font les autres banques commerciales ?

07 Aug 2017,

Barclays à l’horizon de 2020: la fusion Maurice-Seychelles envisagée

Ce regroupement envisage entre Barclays Maurice et Barclays Seychelles «relève de la rationalité économique», souligne-t-on au 4e étage de Barclays House à Maurice. Barclays Maurice compte 19 branches, 38 guichets automatiques et 77 674 clients. La filiale des Seychelles compte, pour sa part, sept branches, 17 guichets automatiques et quelque 16 746 clients.

06 Jun 2017,

Top hundred companies 2016: Ciel détrône GML comme le groupe non-bancaire le plus profitable en 2015

Arnaud Dalais peut s’enorgueillir de la performance financière de son groupe. Ciel, dont il est le Chief Executive Officer, est le groupe non bancaire le plus profitable du pays, avec des bénéfices avant impôts de Rs 2,3 milliards au 30 juin 2015.

05 Jul 2016,

Cartes De Débit À l’Étranger – Mesures Antifraudes: D’Autres Banques Emboîtent Le Pas À La MCB Et La SBM

Les banques commerciales ont adopté une série de mesures pour protéger les intérêts de leurs clients à l’étranger. Elles emboîtent le pas à la MCB et la SBM, les deux principales institutions bancaires du pays. Les mesures diffèrent d’une banque à l’autre. L’objectif, lui, est le même : minimiser les fraudes sur les cartes de débit.

17 Mar 2016,

Barclays Africa Tumbles as British Parent Signals Exit

Speculation that Barclays could be withdrawing from Africa after almost a century there sent shares in its business Barclays Africa Group (tumbling on Monday

01 Mar 2016,

ReadytoWork Programme de Barclays: Faciliter la Transition Entre le Système Educatif et le Monde du Travail

Barclays lance le ReadytoWork programme avec l’Université de Maurice (UoM) pour développer leur capacité d’insertion professionnelle.

13 Nov 2015,

La Barclays House Vendue à Rs 470 Millions

Barclays House, appartenant à Jade Towers Properties et qui abrite le siège social mauricien du groupe bancaire, a été vendue à la société Delta Africa. La transaction serait effective à partir du 1er décembre.

12 Nov 2015,

La Barclays Couronnée Meilleure Banque d’Investissement d’Afrique

Une année à peine après la création du Barclays Africa Group, la Barclays a atteint les sommets africains.

25 Jul 2014,

Loans for Studies: Banks Unveil Their Offers

Mauritius banks designed financing plans for students wishing to study abroad.

14 Feb 2014,

Barclays in Mauritius, It's About Legal Safety Just as Much as Tax Avoidance

The usual suspects have got on their high horse again insisting that all sorts of people are very naughty indeed for using offshore centres as the base for their investments in places like Sub-Saharan Africa and India.

21 Nov 2013,

"The Africa Report" Ratings 2013: Thirteen Mauritian Banks in the "Top 200" African

No less than 13 Mauritian commercial bank listed in the top 200 banking institutions in Africa, established by the magazine 'The Africa Report' and published in the September issue special devoted to finance.

01 Oct 2013,

Barclays is Launching a Competition to Reward Social Work

Barclays Colours of Life Award . This is the name of the contest launched by Barclays Bank Thursday, Sept. 19. This national competition aims to reward social projects focusing on education, socio-economic development, the fight against social evils, welfare and the environment.

25 Sep 2013,

Bank Charges: The Financial Windfall of Commercial Banks

In addition to the segment B (international business), the Mauritian commercial bank can rely on their bank charges to increase their profitability. Let's take a little tour of banking horizon to see what they have amassed as 'fees and commissions' during the 2012 fiscal year.

09 Aug 2013,

Entrepreneurship: Barclays Educates Young

Barclays Bank was organized in the month a working session with sixty young people to raise awareness of entrepreneurship.

26 Jun 2013,

Investments of Rs 3.5 Md in New Barclays Bank of Mauritius

This is final. Barclays Bank will operate as a fully Mauritian bank from 1 st June It will now be known as Barclays Bank of Mauritius takes over the defunct Barclays Bank PLC , a branch of Barclays Bank in London. It is injected Rs 3.5 billion. Thursday afternoon, May 23, the Central Bank has granted the new operation to the bank license, revoking the old license.

25 May 2013,

Celebrating Spring Festival: Barclays Announces the Commencement of Trading in Renminbi

Barclays Mauritius will soon launch in transactions denominated in Renminbi, Chinese currency, announced Dajee Ravin, Managing Director of the bank, at a reception Friday evening at La Pirogue, in honor of clients in the community Sino-Mauritian part of the Spring Festival.

26 Feb 2013,

7 Mauritian Banks in the African Top 100

MCB (25th) led the way, rising nine places compared to 2011

09 Jan 2013,

Graham Sheward: "Barclays is the Largest Banking Network in Africa"

Barclays Africa and Absa have confirmed their intention to merge next year. This will make the first Barclays banking network in Africa by branches and customers, with more than 1,500 points of sale and 14 million customers.

20 Dec 2012,

Barclays PLC Mauritius appoints 3 new directors

Barclays PLC Mauritius, which won the coveted Bank of the Year 2011 award, conferred by the Banker, is undergoing changes at the directorial level. Since the beginning of the year, the bank has integrated three new members at this level.They are Dev Sewgobind, human resources director, Roshan Ramoly, head of business development and strategy and [...]

30 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily

Barclays Mauritius made Rs 2.3 billion profit in 2010

This is the first time the threshold is crossed Rs 2 billion

30 Mar 2011,

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