Beaches Mauritius

Beach Powder-d'Or: Work to Fight Against Erosion

The work was well acueillis by locals. These will stop the erosion that has seriously destroyed this beach, left to itself. The authorities want to attract picnickers from the village and other places.

14 May 2013,

Access to Public Beaches: Obstructs the Misunderstanding ...

Public beach, private right of way, space ... Conflicts between hoteliers and owners of waterfront bungalows and picnickers multiply and occasionally revive the debate on the accessibility to beaches and no geometric .

04 Mar 2013,

Trou aux Biches: Extensive Damage after Recent Rain, Confirm Fears of Inhabitants

The controversy swells around a beautification project of a portion of the beach of Trou aux Biches (TAB), specifically to Casuarina Hotel. This project, initiated by Richard Paulose, promoter of foreign origin, but has recently obtained citizenship of Mauritius, involving the transformation of this part of the beach, with coconut palm plantation and also imposing rocks the beach has angered locals.

19 Feb 2013,

Palmar Beach: Forbidden Access to Vehicles Soon

After the erosion problem occurred on the beach of Mont-Choisy, the authorities soon prohibit vehicle access on the beach of Palmar also. To know that this public beach is one of the largest and busiest in the country.

06 Feb 2013,

Mont Choisy Beach: Vehicles not Allowed!

It will not be possible to move between the casuarinas Mont Choisy in the days to come. This was decided by the "Beach Authority" due to advanced deterioration, due to erosion of the beach.

30 Jan 2013,

Balaclava Beach: Restricted Access to Public

For years, swimmers and fishermen benefited fully from the beach of Balaclava and had free access. However, since November, these users had their activities disrupted. The privatization of the path is the cause.

19 Jan 2013,

Une Dizaine de Plages Sérieusement Abîmées

Le problème d’érosion s’est accentué au fil des ans en raison de l’action conjuguée des phénomènes naturels rares et des activités humaines, notamment le développement rapide sur le littoral, des travaux de construction réalisés sur les plages et l’extraction de sable du lagon à des fins de construction.

30 Nov 2012,

World's 50 Best Beach Bars According CNNGO, 2 Mauritian Here too

Anyone can stick up a shack on the sand, stock it with beers and call it a beach bar. But what makes a great beach bar? It could be the sand-in-your-toes factor, or the washing and hissing of the waves nearby, or the sunsets or the people you meet.

25 Nov 2012,

25 of Africa's Best Beaches, Mauritius Here Too

From the wind-tickled shores of the Seychelles to the haunting, seal-dappled coast of Namibia, the continent's sandy fringe is varied and dramatic. Here's a small sample of Africa's best beaches according CNNGO

18 Nov 2012,

Redesign of Several Beaches Announced

The beaches of the island a facelift with the arrival of summer. Several of them are, in fact, involved in the work undertaken by the Beach Authority (BA).

14 Nov 2012,

I recommend Mauritius……for stashing millions in its growing offshore sector

I recommend Mauritius…… No, not for its white sandy beaches and clear blue water, but for stashing millions in its growing offshore sector. Tax avoidance is a serious problem that is costing governments trillions, with benefits going largely to private companies. These countries, like Mauritius whose tax rate is a negligible 3 per cent, enable [...]The post I recommend Mauritius……for stashing millions in its growing offshore sector appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

10 Sep 2012, KotZot

On Our Beaches: The Gods Will Invite

Turquoise sea, golden sands, lush casuarinas ... Master of the Mauritian beaches. The postcard has changed yet. In recent years, it is supplemented divine statues.

03 Aug 2012,

Spatial Planning: Redefinition of the Coast Map

Dozen beaches have changed their status to date. They are no longer considered totally public beaches. To remedy the situation, the government decided to allocate more and more land classified as coastal public beaches.

18 Jun 2012,

Erosion: Rs 85.5 Million to Pay for Repairing the Beaches

The state of our beaches alert the authorities. Thus, the government will spend Rs 85.5 million this year to rehabilitate the beaches that are damaged by erosion over the years.

01 Jun 2012,

Shark Alert

The presence of a shark from 2 meters long reported in the lagoon of Blue Bay from 10am.

14 Feb 2012,

Jellyfish Alert at Flic-en-Flac, la Cambuse

Beachgoers in Flic en Flac and La Cambuse are being urged to look out for potentially dangerous jellyfish by the Ministery of Fisheries.

10 Jan 2012,

Rs 240 Million to Redevelop 20 Beaches

The State will have to spend big, some Rs 241.6 million in the coming years to repair the country's beaches that have been damaged by erosion

26 Dec 2011,

Japanese Grant For The Environment: Rs 100 Million For Training And Rehabilitation Of Beaches

The check of Rs 100 million has been offered by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, will be used primarily to finance the training of officers of the National Coast Guard (NCG), and others in coastal areas.

28 Nov 2011,