Bitcoin Mauritius

Bitcoin jolted by regulation worries, falls 7 percent on extended selloff

Bitcoin extended its sharp tumble of the past 24 hours, skidding more than seven percent on Wednesday in a rapid downturn in fortunes as investors were spooked by fears regulators might clamp down on an asset whose value has skyrocketed in the past year.

17 Jan 2018,

Monde financier mauricien: la monnaie virtuelle remporte sa première bataille

La Banque de Maurice (BoM) était l’un des plus farouches opposants à des transactions ayant pour monnaie d’échange, le bitcoin, une des crypto-monnaies les plus populaires dans le monde. Mais il semblerait que ce soit chose du passé désormais.

25 Oct 2017,

JPMorgan Helps Clients Buy Bitcoin Despite CEO Calling Bitcoin ‘a Fraud’

JPMorgan Chase has been routing customer orders for bitcoin -related instruments, a spokesman said on Monday, despite the bank's chief executive's calling the crypto currency "a fraud."

25 Sep 2017,

Bitcoin technology faces split, may create clone virtual currency

Bitcoin's underlying software code could be split on Tuesday to create a clone called "Bitcoin Cash," potentially providing a windfall for holders of the digital currency.

01 Aug 2017,

Bitcoin worth $72 million stolen from Bitfinex exchange in Hong Kong

Nearly 120,000 units of digital currency bitcoin worth about US$72 million was stolen from the exchange platform Bitfinex in Hong Kong, rattling the global bitcoin community in the second-biggest security breach ever of such an exchange.

03 Aug 2016,

The One Big Reason Why It Matters Who Invented Bitcoin

It's about more than mere curiosity. Australian police raided the home of one Craig Wright Wednesday, mere hours after two publications alleged that he is the secretive inventor of Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency that’s become a darling of tech-savvy libertarians seeking an alternative to dollars, euros and so on.

10 Dec 2015,

Bank of Mauritius Warns Against the Bitcoin

Fraud, impairment or difficulty of exchange against a real currency. Many risks faced by users bitcoins, a virtual currency. The Bank of Mauritius pulls the alarm.

24 Dec 2013,

BoM Warns the Public Against Virtual Currencies

The emergence and growth of virtual currencies concern the Bank of Mauritius. Bitcoin is part of the unregulated digital money and which are not issued or guaranteed by a central bank.

20 Dec 2013,