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Virtual Currency Power: Spoiled Image of Bitcoin

MtGox. This exchange bitcoin MtGox Tokyo platform was downright locks up yesterday, Tuesday, Feb. 25. And those holding this virtual currency could not even recover their virtual money for two weeks. MTGox evokes a computer bug, except that, in fact, the price of bitcoin fell 15% as the turmoil has undermined other platforms.

27 Feb 2014,

Bitcoin Executive Charlie Shrem is Accused of Money Laundering

The BitInstant CEO and a Florida man are accused of selling more than $1 million worth of bitcoins to people trying to buy and sell illegal drugs on the Silk Road website.

28 Jan 2014,

Bitcoin Under Pressure

Virtual currency: It is mathematically elegant, increasingly popular and highly controversial. Bitcoin’s success is putting it under growing strain

01 Dec 2013,

Bitcoin: What Is It? What Should Government Do?

Virtual currency Bitcoin is "experimental" and remains "high risk" for most consumers, the Bitcoin Foundation's general counsel told a Senate committee in a hearing Monday on the emerging technology.

20 Nov 2013,

Understanding the Bitcoin

Bitcoin, a digital currency, hit the headlines after a phenomenal rise and fall in its value in the last few weeks. Since its launch in 2009, it has garnered a fan-following as well as harsh critics.

10 May 2013,

Four Reasons Bitcoin Is Worth Studying

As Adam Ozimek points out Bitcoin has so far largely been greeted with eye-rolling by professional economists. One reason is that the cryptocurrency’s most enthusiastic advocates tend to subscribe to a hard-money, end-the-Fed worldview that is unpopular among elites.

09 Apr 2013,