Changes Mauritius

Want Work Flexibility? Here's How You Can Make a Change

You dutifully show up to work, day in and day out. Although you try hard to get all of your work done, distractions abound at the office.

03 Nov 2013,

Identity Cards, Eight-Digit Postal Code ... Change In The Lives Of Mauritians

Mauritians will have to get used to several changes in their daily lives. With the eight-digit numbering from 1 September, but with the introduction of new identity cards, postal code or new banknotes, what Mauritians should they expect?

01 Sep 2013,

Use Personal Rituals to Make Changes Stick

How many times have you promised to exercise more, or start meditating, or spend less time at the office? To make changes that last, create rituals — highly specific behaviors that you do at the same time every day (or on specific days you select).

15 Apr 2013,