Chicken Mauritius

After the Cows, Thieves Target on Chickens

After a gang of cattle thieves we would be dealing with another gang tackling ... chickens? It is suggested that the police while a second theft of poultry has been reported in a few months. The owner of a barn located at Flacq, reported Monday, November 11, the loss of 500 chickens.

13 Nov 2013,

Export Potential Of 40,000 Tons Of Chicken

The Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security has its accounts. Maurice arrived at food self-sufficiency in the production of chicken.

15 Oct 2012,

Chicken Market Interest the Competition Commission

The Competition Commission has started an investigation into the chicken business in Mauritius. The officers made a visit to the largest producer - Innodis. The company says it is working fully with the commission.

19 Jun 2012,