Child Mauritius

Things to know about sending your kid to kindergarten / preschool / garderie

  Hello everyone! If you are a big fan of the blog, you will probably remember the series of posts talking about “Parenthood“, namely with the articles about getting married, and then, getting pregnant and...

03 Nov 2017, Yashvin, pages of my life

France’s most notorious criminals claim they fathered glamorous MEP Rachida Dati’s love child… in a prison cell

Two of France’s most notorious murderers will today stand trial for claiming they fathered glamorous MEP Rachida Dati’s love child. In one of the most bizarre cases to come before... Read more »

11 Mar 2011, KotZot

Gratuitous violence on a child in Mauritius (Shocking Video)

Gete kuma Mauriciens in degenerer! Gete kuma ca [...] la p batte ca zenfant la! Kot nou p aller dans ca pays la??! This video which was sent to us... Read more »

23 Feb 2011, KotZot