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Powerful Quake off Chile Slams Waves into Coastal Towns; Five Killed

More than a million people were forced from their homes after a a magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean off Chile, slamming powerful waves into coastal towns and killing at least five people.

17 Sep 2015,

Raging Fire In Chile Claims At Least 12 Lives, Destroys Hundreds Of Homes

Firefighters struggled for a second night early Monday to contain blazes that have killed 12 people, injured 500, destroyed 2,000 homes and forced 10,000 people to flee the densely populated hills that gave this Chilean port city its unique beauty.

15 Apr 2014,

Experts: Strict Building Codes Saved Lives in Powerful Chile Earthquake

Strict building codes and the preparedness of millions of Chileans who live along an arc of volcanoes and fault lines likely kept the death toll -- only six by Wednesday afternoon -- low after an 8.2-magnitude earthquake rumbled offshore and prompted a tsunami, observers said.

03 Apr 2014,

Tsunami Alert After 8.2 Quake Strikes Off Chile

A quake of 8.2 magnitude has struck off northern Chile, triggering a tsunami alert and killing at least five people.

02 Apr 2014,

Magnitude-6.7 Quake Hits Chile, 100 000 Evacuated

A strong 6.7-magnitude earthquake shook Chile's northern Pacific shore Sunday, and authorities said more than 100,000 people briefly evacuated some coastal areas as a precaution. Only minor damage was reported.

17 Mar 2014,