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Google plans to clean up the web with Chrome ad blocker next year

Google will introduce an ad blocker to Chrome early next year and is telling publishers to get ready.

02 Jun 2017,

Android users can now read websites even when there isn't a connection available -- here's how

Google rolled out a new feature for Android users on Monday that allows them to save entire Websites in Chrome for reading later.

09 May 2017,

Google said to be planning a built-in ad blocker for Chrome

Google is planning to add an ad blocker to Chrome, its web browser, and to possibly turn it on by default for all users. That seems counterintuitive for a company that makes the majority of its revenue (read: all the monies) from advertising, but it could actually be a way to beat blockers by becoming one itself, per a new Wall Street Journal report that first reported the news.

20 Apr 2017,

Chromebooks: The smart person's guide

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Google's Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

17 Oct 2016,

Google Chrome will warn users on non-secure websites by 2017

Google announced last Thursday its Chrome internet browser would warn users about non-secure websites beginning in January 2017. The move aims to protect sensitive information like passwords and credit card details from being stolen.

12 Sep 2016,

A Bug in Chrome Makes It Easy to Pirate Movies

For years Hollywood has waged a war on piracy, using digital rights management technologies to fight bootleggers who illegally copy movies and distribute them. For just as long, hackers have found ways to bypass these protections.

27 Jun 2016,

Chrome iO6 internet browser for Apple iPad and iPhone launched

Google Chrome will soon be available to Apple users after an iPad- and iPhone-compatible version of the popular web browser was unveiled this week. The latest iOS version of Chrome was launched on day two of the firm’s I/O Conference in San Francisco. Users will now be able to sync their tabs, web history and [...]The post Chrome iO6 internet browser for Apple iPad and iPhone launched appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

02 Jul 2012, KotZot