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Cinéma: Huit producteurs bollywoodiens débarquent la semaine prochaine

Huit producteurs de films bollywoodiens seront à Maurice du 26 au 30 mars prochains. Cela, dans le cadre d’un voyage de familiarisation. L’initiative revient à Chahak Productions, société de production de films indiens à Maurice, en collaboration avec le Board of Investment (BoI), aujourd’hui intégré à l’Economic Development Board.

19 Mar 2018,

Nouvelles salles: MCiné Flacq ouvre ses portes

Le grand jour est enfin arrivé. Les trois salles de cinéma de MCiné Flacq ont ouvert leurs portes au public ce matin, vendredi 12 août. Un soft launch dans le complexe Flacq Cœur de Ville.

14 Aug 2016,

Loisirs: Trois Salles De MCiné A Flacq En Juin

Cinéphiles, tenez-vous prêts. MCiné s’apprête à ouvrir trois salles dans le complexe Flacq Coeur de Ville en juin.

28 Apr 2016,

Mauritius Makes Movies

The revision of the Film Rebate Scheme seems to have brought a new breath to the Mauritian film industry. Result: 13 foreign large-scale projects, estimated at around Rs 143 million, were filmed on the island since last October.

07 Apr 2014,

Jackie Shroff: "Make Sure the Mauritian Cinema Takeoffs "

The ceremony to promote the Film Rebate Scheme was held on Tuesday 29 October. The Indian actor Jackie Shroff has given assurances that it will support the launch of the Mauritian cinema.

31 Oct 2013,

Indian Cinema: XLD Starts Filming Souten 2

Announced in the budget year 2012, the Film Rebate Scheme, which aims to encourage the emergence of a film industry in Mauritius, begins to take shape.

04 Sep 2013,

The Golden Age Of Cinema

Today, the cinema sees the advent of highly sophisticated technology, taxes and the cost of living. But he had good days in Mauritius. Moviegoers back to the golden age of cinema, 70s.

03 Sep 2012,

Avengers will not be screened in Star Cinema Halls

“The movie ‘Avengers’ will not be screened in Star Cinema halls,” stated the director of the cinemas, Eric Koenig. He also expressed his frustration following a recent article he read in a local newspaper. “After having deliberately avoided us for years, we learned through the press that MauRefilms wanted to finally distribute its films in [...]The post Avengers will not be screened in Star Cinema Halls appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

11 Jul 2012, KotZot