Comoros Mauritius

Maurice-Comores: vous pourrez voyager sans visa

Accord de réciprocité entre Maurice et les Comores. Les Mauriciens et les Comoriens pourront dorénavant voyager sans visas vers les deux destinations.

27 Apr 2017,

Int’Air Îles reliera Maurice aux Comores

Int’Air îles et Omarjee Aviation proposent un vol direct hebdomadaire Maurice/Comores à partir de décembre. Les procédures administratives sont en cours de formalisation.

30 Nov 2016,

Illegal Fishing: Traffic of Shark Uncovered

A campaign to eradicate illegal fishing in the region has borne fruit. Of the 23 ships controlled the high seas, was imprisoned for a serious crime: trafficking in shark fins.

05 Nov 2013,

Mauritius Donates USD 100.000 To Madagascar and Comoros

Mauritius has donated US$50,000 each to Madagascar and Comoros to assist all those affected by natural calamities that hit the two countries in 2012, PANA reported from here Wednesday.

21 Sep 2012,

Interpol Investigation: Mauritian Arrested for Smuggling Gold in Comoros

Narad Ramdawan, 39, a Mauritian noodle vendor is within the scope of an Interpol investigation. He was arrested in May last in the Comoros with a British company with 49.7 kilos of gold, then they wanted transit to Dubai via Nairobi.

04 Jul 2012,

Comoros: Arrival of an Aircraft on the Inter-Island

The company AB Aviation is to commission a new device type 30-seat Embraer 120, says Comoros-Web which contains a short story in Albaladcomores.

16 Jan 2012,

Agreement on Maritime Borders Between Mozambique, Tanzania and the Comoros

Mozambique, Tanzania and the Comoros have signed four agreements on the delimitation of its frontiers maritimes.

07 Dec 2011,