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How This 75 Year-Old Piece of Paper Started Modern Computing

On Oct. 22, 1938, a patent attorney named Chester Carlson and an underemployed Austrian physicist named Otto Kornei spent one Saturday morning creating the world's first dry copy in an apartment in Astoria, Queens, eventually ushering in the modern era of computing. Then the two grabbed a modest lunch.

22 Oct 2013,

Mauritian startup Peekspy acquired by eBay

A company set up by by two Mauritian brothers, has been acquired by eBay’s StubHub, a leading online platform that allows the purchase and selling of event tickets by users. It was formed in 2008 by Mauritians Oliver and Wesley Oxenham who have combined skills in architecture and computer science.Their creation lets concert-goers and sports [...]The post Mauritian startup Peekspy acquired by eBay appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

31 Jul 2012, KotZot