Consruction Mauritius

litiges industriels: une loi-cadre pour les contrats de construction

Les petits contracteurs sont souvent victimes des gros operateurs.C’est pour éviter les abus qu’un nouveau projet de loi est en préparation. Même les particuliers devraient y trouver leur compte.

08 Jul 2016,

Construction and Tourism Declining

Economic forecasts for the construction industry and tourism are scarcely reassuring this year. Forecasts of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry are unfavourable for both sectors, like those of the last report 'MCB Focus'.

23 May 2013,

Apave Indian Ocean Lance son Département de Contrôle Technique

Apave Indian Ocean, qui se dit être le leader dans la maîtrise des risques industriels, a lancé un département spécialisé de contrôle technique de construction et des infrastructures. Bryan Gujjalu, Chief Executive Officer de la firme, en a parlé à la presse, mercredi.

27 Apr 2013,

Announced by SAJ Bomb about Neotown

That's it! We know a little more about the bomb announced three weeks ago, Sir Anerood Jugnauth at a press conference. It relates to the project promoters Indian Neotown Patel Engineering.

14 Mar 2013,

Construction: Shakeel Mohamed Wants To Reduce Number Of Foreigners

The Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, Shakeel Mohamed wants to give a new impetus to the construction industry in Mauritius. He wants to reduce the number of foreigners employed in this sector.

15 Oct 2012,

Construction, Sanjay Toofany: "Rs 11 Billion In Informal Circuit"

Maurice has approximately 2,000 small businesses properly registered. Their combined turnover (approximately Rs 6 billion) is far from Rs 17.6 billion in housing loans granted by commercial banks.

29 Sep 2012,

Building: Lack Of Projects At 2013raises Fears

The year 2013 raises the worst fears in the building sector. Contractors, architects and engineers are almost unanimous: no big project will start next year. A situation which they believe could lead to layoffs if the current trend continues.

20 Sep 2012,

Budget 2013: State Support Requested

A few weeks before the presentation of the 2013 budget by the Finance Minister on November 9, the expectations of various economic operators to specify.

17 Sep 2012,

Bhooshan Ramloll, Baceca: "No Big Project For Next Year"

"Next year will be very difficult. We do not expect growth because we have no big project starts. We should brush with disaster, "said to Le Matinal Bhooshan Ramloll, president of the Building & Civil Engineering Contractors Association (Baceca).

04 Sep 2012,