Cooperation Mauritius

South Africa and Mauritius are looking for more cooperation

Dr Matthews Phosa, treasurer general of the African National Congress, South Africa’s ruling party, is currently heading a Progressive Business Forum delegation in Mauritius

14 Jun 2011,

Michael Sik Yuen will launch a booklet and pamphlet

The publications contain information for cooperative societies and also have plans that can make them more accessible to the public

25 May 2011,

Relations Maurice-Inde – La coopération économique et commerciale renforcée

L’Inde veut renforcer ses liens économiques et commerciaux, avec Maurice, a indiqué Prathiba Patil, la Présidente de la république indienne, actuellement en visite à Maurice

27 Apr 2011,

Africa-EU energy experts meet

The 6th Joint Expert Group Meeting of the Africa-European Union Energy Partnership (AEEP) is taking place in Mauritius with a view to finalise the action plan for the provision of electricity to some 250 million Africans over the period 2010-2020. The meeting, which is organised at the initiative of the Ministry of Energy and Public [...]

18 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily