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Nouvelle loi sur la propriété intellectuelle, Me Sanjeev Ghurburrun: «Le piratage va doubler»

Une plateforme pour débattre des nouvelles lois. C’est ce que propose Geroudis Empowerment. « Cette nouvelle plateforme vient combler une lacune. Il manque des débats et des analyses sur les nouvelles lois.

25 Oct 2016,

Don’t publish anything if you haven’t anything to say…

  For several weeks now, I have noticed a growing number of new Mauritian web sites sharing hot and sensational news. This isn’t a new phenomenon on the web but very recently, several new web...

20 Jul 2016, Yashvin, pages of my life

Singer Nitin Chinien in Ploice Cell for at Least for a Week

Order over his crusade against the MASA on Thursday 14 November, the singer Nitin Chinien be held in police cells until 21 November. He appeared in court in Port Louis on a charge of violation of ICTA this afternoon, Thursday, Nov. 14.

15 Nov 2013,

Defimedia needs a lesson on ethics to stop stealing picture!

Defimedia needs to apply some ethics in their work. I don't think that a blogger should teach them the basics of journalism!

24 Nov 2012, Yashvin, pages of my life