Counterfeit Mauritius

Contrefaçon: Rs 60 000 d’amende à un propriétaire de vidéoclub

Subiraj Mungra a été reconnu coupable sous deux charges par la magistrate Razia Jannoo-Jaunbocus le 21 mars dernier. Cela, pour contrefaçon de matériel sans autorisation officielle sous deux chefs d’accusation.

12 Apr 2017,

Contrefaçon : Adidas Réclame Rs 500000 de dommages à un Quatrebornais

La multinationale allemande Adidas a logé un procès devant la Cour suprême contre un commerçant de Quatre-Bornes. Elle l’accuse d’avoir contrefait sa fameuse marque aux trois bandes.

05 Sep 2016,

Contrefaçon : ces Imitations de Grandes Marques à la Douane

La douane a effectué soixante-deux saisies de produits contrefaits en 2014. Ce qui totalise 114 262 copies de grandes marques qui sont restées bloquer.

27 Jan 2015,

Fight Against Counterfeit Alcohol

Is there a trade in counterfeit alcohol in Mauritius? The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) think this is the case. So she has decided to put his stamp - excise stamp on the bottles of alcoholic beverages from 1 October. The Excise Stamp on Cigarette box from 25 to 50 cents on October 1.

25 Sep 2013,

Navin Peerthy, Samsung Regional Director: "Counterfeiting Floods the Mauritian Market"

The fight against counterfeiting in Mauritius becomes a necessity. This same argument Navin Peerthy. He announced the next service center brand specific after-sales opening.

27 Jul 2013,

Counterfeit Goods: Copies are Popular

The sale of counterfeit products seems to be a widespread practice in Mauritius. Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Chanel, Adidas ... copies of these brands sell at every corner. While the authorities are on the alert, the trade continues.

05 Jul 2013,

Counterfeiting: Legrand Continues Importers

Counterfeiting wins all areas, even the construction. Mauritian Customs seized a few days ago, labels Legrand products, global specialist in electrical and digital products and systems for the building.

27 Jun 2013,

Hewlett Packard : Contrefaçon, Plusieurs Containers Interceptés Ces Six Derniers Mois

Au moins cinq containers contenant une importante cargaison de matériel et fournitures de contrefaçon de Hewlett Packard (HP) ont été interceptés au cours de ces six derniers mois par les autorités mauriciennes.

22 Jun 2013,

Alibaba Pledges to Combat Fake Goods on Its Shopping Portals

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd , China's largest e-commerce platform, said it will commit "as many resources necessary" to stop the sale of pirated goods on its Taobao shopping portals, where transactions exceeded $161.7 billion last year.

25 Apr 2013,

Counterfeiting: a Market of Rs 1 Billion

To carbon monoxide in meat to make it more red and drive up its price, an orange dye to give the impression that it came from Europe known for the quality of its fruits ... At the border, it falls on all kinds of counterfeit products. And it is not ready to stop because counterfeiting is a business, albeit illegal, but very juicy.

25 Mar 2013,

Counterfeit Products on Market: Growing Phenomenon

The global trade in counterfeit goods is booming. Mauritius is not new to this trend. Our markets, street vendors and even some local shops are in possession of various counterfeit items which they offer for sale to locals and tourists.

11 Jan 2013,

Counterfeit: These Brands Which Complain in Mauritius

During this year, from January to September, Customs seized 16,318 products suspected of being counterfeit. Furthermore imitation brands such as Billabong, Nike and Adidas, the figures show an increase in the importation of counterfeit goods brand computer accessories & Hewlett Packard (HP).

09 Nov 2012,