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Science Explains Why Our Best Ideas Come in the Shower

Ever wonder why some of your best ideas seem to come out of the blue (while you're in the shower, for example)? Creativity, while seemingly a very vague activity, is actually a distinct process triggered by a few key factors.

08 Dec 2013,

Creativity Tips From 5 World-Famous Artists

Think Salvador Dali or Vincent Van Gogh have nothing to do with the world of business? Think again.

11 Oct 2013,

Creatively Drained? 8 Tips to Recharge

Get the inspiration flowing again. It's not as hard as you think.

07 Oct 2013,

How Clutter Affects Your Brain (and What You Can Do About It)

A few years ago, I worked at a web design agency as a product manager.

09 Aug 2013,

How to Bust Out of a Creative Rut

What kills creativity? Knowing the answer can nurture the innovator within.

18 Jul 2013,

What Marketers Can Learn From Artists

People in business increasingly seek inspiration through creativity. Jim Stengel, former global marketing executive at Procter & Gamble, recently coined the term “business artists” to describe leaders who can breathe a sense of purpose into their organizations.

18 May 2013,

Rewrite That Boring Job Description

Want to attract the A-players to work for your business? Here's what needs to be in the job description.

19 Mar 2013,

3 Paths Toward A More Creative Life

Everyone can learn to be more creative, but to become very creative, I’ve come to believe you need to lead a creative life.

11 Mar 2013,

Five Inspired Ideas Emerging From TED2013

I’m streaming this year’s TED Conference as the ideas confab unfolds live in Long Beach, California. For the past several years, I’ve attended in person at TEDActive, a satellite event to the “big TED.”

02 Mar 2013,

Balance Creative Free Time with Structure

It's a well-established principle that people need slack time to work through their ideas. Companies like 3M and Google have given innovation “time off" to their scientists and engineers. But perhaps your company struggles to justify that level of slack, or you aren't confident that your employees would use such time effectively.

25 Feb 2013,

Fake Amazon Resume Proves the Power of Personal Branding

A French job-seeker has "sold" himself with an online resume made to look like an Amazon page, proving that some creativity and attention to personal branding can go a long way.

01 Feb 2013,

How to Spark a Great Idea: 5 Steps

There is a simple method for creating great ideas. And it really works.

30 Jan 2013,

Knowing a Little of Everything Is Often Better Than Having One Expert Skill

Creativity and innovation seems to flow from dedication to a particular type of work, but productivity and ideas blog the 99u noticed a trend: the best stuff seems to come from generalists, or people who know about a wide variety of topics.

30 Jan 2013,

The Power of Naive Questions

Nobody really wants to ask naive or stupid questions, but as the blog Creative Something points out, those questions are often the best way to spark a creative insight into problem solving.

03 Jan 2013,