Crimes Mauritius

Rapport Du Judiciaire: 76% Des Délits Liés Aux Infractions Routières

Les délits sexuels, des fraudes dans l’immobilier, la drogue ou encore les contraventions routières.

03 Jun 2016,

Sick February 2014

For the past 30 minutes, I have been struggling to write this post, starting over again and again while trying to think how to share that feeling I have right now. That feeling of how badly Mauritius has been doing not only during this month but since the first days of the year itself.

26 Feb 2014, Yashvin, pages of my life

Les Procès Tant Attendus en 2013

Ils sont nombreux, les procès qui sont suivis avec une attention particulière par les Mauriciens. Si certains ont déjà débuté en Cour, d’autres le seront en 2013.

29 Dec 2012,

Car-Jacking: Drivers, beware!

New form of crime or crime seasonal, carjacking its toll now. Furthermore pickpockets which must be wary during this period, Mauritians are facing a new type of flight.

28 Dec 2012,