Cyclone ethel Mauritius

Cyclone Ethel Updates For Mauritius and Rodrigues

Cyclone Ethel is the 5th cyclonic event affecting our region this season and the first to affect our territories. According to initial meteorological prediction, Ethel is to influence Rodrigues weather and the system should pass near or over the Island during Friday 20th January evening. As usual, we will update with all major information here A.W.H.I. Keep in touch. Ethel Satellite Picture courtesy of Latest Updates For Cyclone Ethel 20 January 2012 at 04:00 Cyclone Warning for Rodrigues: TWO Cyclone Warning for Mauritius: NONE Location: 18.0 ° S – 65.0 ° E Distance: 270 Km North East Rodrigues Direction …

20 Jan 2012, Island Crisis