Deficit Mauritius

Mauritius' trade deficit narrows yr/yr in June

Britain was the main buyer of goods from Mauritius in June

23 Aug 2011,

Mauritius trade deficit widens in May

Mauritius' trade deficit widened 24.4 percent

20 Jul 2011,

Mare aux Vacoas at 31.4 per cent of its storage capacity

Other reservoirs of the country such as Piton du Milieu and Midlands have been slightly better

19 Jul 2011,

Le déficit commercial a augmenté de 31%

C'est ce que démontrent les chiffres du Central Statistics Office (CSO) publiés, le mercredi 22 juin

23 Jun 2011,

Drought hits vegetables in Mauritius

“We are facing a very bad situation"

03 Jun 2011,

Water curbs hit the East of Mauritius

Eastern region of the island was getting water only once a day

02 Jun 2011,

Trade deficit widens

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has released figures of external trade for the first quarter of 2011 and for 2009 and 2010

01 Jun 2011,

A shortage of fish is in the offing

This was declared by Belall Taher cold storage director Belall Khan Taher

30 May 2011,

The prices for water tanks skyrocketed

The water crisis has also sparked an increase in the sale of plastic utensils such as buckets and tubs

23 May 2011,

Water crisis in Mauritius up a notch

By mid-June, if there is no significant rainfall, the supply regime will be once every two days in the Plaine Wilhems region

20 May 2011,

Mauritius trade deficit widens 44.8% in March

The deficit increased against March 2010

19 May 2011,

CWA has plan to avert new water crisis

Yesterday, Mare aux Vacoas was at only 40% of capacit

05 May 2011,

Water situation in Mauritius is alarming: water from the Mare Longue will be filtered

Water from the Mare Longue reservoir currently holding five million cubic metres of water to La Marie to be filtered and distributed

28 Apr 2011,

Mauritius thinks about using of brackish water

Authorities are studying the option of using brackish water for consumption

26 Apr 2011,

New water cuts in Mauritius are inevitable

The rainy season is officially over

26 Apr 2011,

Mauritius State Trading Corporation (STC) was losing $115 per oil barrel in 2008-2009

The decision to opt for hedging was taken on July 22, 2008

22 Apr 2011,

Mauritius trade deficit keeps widening in February

Mauritius' year-on-year import costs rose 18.7 percent to 11 billion rupees

19 Apr 2011,

Water cuts still in place for central area

The water levels of underground reserves are also in a critical situation

05 Apr 2011,

Mauritius 2010 current account deficit widens to 8.5 pct/GDP

15 Mar 2011,