Dengue Mauritius

Emergency Protocol in Clinics and Hospitals

The members of the medical and paramedical staff of Triolet Mediclinic were ordered to take samples from patients with fever.

20 Mar 2014,

Bundhoo : “D’autres Cas de Dengue à Craindre”

“La situation est nettement sous contrôle” Si une épidémie n’est pas pour l’heure d’actualité, il est néanmoins possible qu’il y ait d’autres cas de dengue à Triolet.

20 Mar 2014,

Dengue: Triolet on Alert

Could this be the beginning of a new epidemic? Since 16 cases of dengue have been recorded across the island, including 15 in Triolet, psychosis won the inhabitants of this region.

19 Mar 2014,

Dengue and Malaria: Carriers Come Mainly from India and Africa

17 cases of dengue and 46 cases of malaria were recorded from January to mid-December this year, the minister said Lormus Bundhoo during a press briefing on Monday December 16.

16 Dec 2013,

Operational checklist for chikungunya and dengue preparedness plan

The Ministry of Health and Quality of Life has appealed to the public to take all necessary precautions to prevent illness, especially after the recent heavy rains. The advice from... Read more »

10 Mar 2011, KotZot