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[Online shopping] – Existing ICTA regulations more strictly enforced henceforth

Most online shopping addicts have been surprised by the ICTA's Communique published yesterday. I must admit that I was confused too and I immediately mailed ICTA so that I could get in touch with someone before I post anything on my blog. Without getting any reply to my mail, I gave them a call today...

07 Mar 2014, Yashvin, pages of my life

[Guest post] Have any of your parcels been lost on the way to your house?

If you’re used to online purchase, some of you can be as frustrated as me when it concerns the number of parcels which never reached me.

17 Nov 2012, Yashvin, pages of my life

[Post-budget 2013] – Buying on eBay from Mauritius (Nov 2012)

Previously a customs broker was required to clear out your parcels from the customs if the total amount was greater than Rs10,000. This gonna change now with what was announced in the budget 2013.

12 Nov 2012, Yashvin, pages of my life

Buying on eBay/Amazon from Mauritius (June 2011)

Here's an updated article about measures being strictly taken into consideration when clearing items out of the Mauritian customs. This article should help you a lot for your online purchases.

29 Jun 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life