Eco Mauritius

Un label Eco sera introduit sur les produits des PME

Le but du 10-Year Master Plan : encourager les petites et moyennes entreprises à adopter des pratiques de production durables. Hormis le soutien qui sera apporté aux entrepreneurs dans des activités écologiques, le plan prévoit l’introduction d’un label Eco sur les produits à valeur ajoutée. Le point avec quelques opérateurs.

18 Apr 2017,

10% of Land to be Made into Parks

The Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security has announced their vision to ensure that at least 10 per cent of the land is transformed into natural parks.

16 Mar 2013,

Solar Water Heaters Subsidies: Suppliers Idling

Around 17.9 million rupees have been spent so far to subsidize solar water heaters for Mauritian families. The project slow to take off while the Development Bank has already approved the disbursement of Rs 128.5 million.

15 Jun 2012,

Vassen Kauppaymuthoo: "Learning the Lessons of Dodo and Ebony"

The oceanographer and environmental engineer answered questions from Ludovic Agathe as part of World Oceans Day, celebrated today.

08 Jun 2012,

Green Energy: First Production Kit and Electricity Storage Arrives

Produce photovoltaic energy is not new to Mauritius. In contrast, generate clean energy and arrive at the store, it is innovation that offers the group Leal, via Solar-Ernte-Technik (SETL). A kit built for these two functions was presented on Tuesday, April 24 at Pailles.

25 Apr 2012,

Industrie et Ecologie: Un Générateur Autonome et des Vagues Pour Produire de l’Electricité

L’île Maurice se met à l’énergie propre. Deux projets sont en cours pour promouvoir les énergies renouvelables sur le sol mauricien et dans ses eaux.

28 Mar 2012,

Green Building is a Necessity

Question of funding and vital issues: The survival of living species and our legacy to future generations.

19 Mar 2012,

Les Parcs Eoliens de Curepipe et Plaines-des-Roches Construits Cette Année

Le Central Electricity Board (CEB) se prépare à toute éventualité cette année qui s’annonce décisive pour l’organisme.

20 Feb 2012,

Renewable Energy: An Indian Minister in Mauritius with Series of Agreements

Farooq Abdullah, the Indian Minister of Renewable Energies, is on an official visit to Mauritius since Tuesday, January 17.

18 Jan 2012,

Ministry to Start Building Two Eco Villages

Environmental sustainability will be the main focus of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development this year.

12 Jan 2012,

St. Aubin is Embarking on Special Sugars, Ethanol and Bio-Fertilizers

In line with the Maurice Ile Durable concept, the sugar group is engaged in the production of electricity, ethanol and organic fertilizer. It will also market specialty sugars and a sugar loaf in great demand in India

22 Dec 2011,

Recycling Project To Start Next Year

As from January, a recycling unit for glass and plastic will be operational in Bel Ombre. The project is named ‘Plankton’ and is worth Rs 2 million.

21 Dec 2011,

Japanese Grant For The Environment: Rs 100 Million For Training And Rehabilitation Of Beaches

The check of Rs 100 million has been offered by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, will be used primarily to finance the training of officers of the National Coast Guard (NCG), and others in coastal areas.

28 Nov 2011,

Rodrigues Ile-Bio: coconut oil as biofuel

Rodrigues does not want to lag behind in terms of sustainable development and, as part of the Maurice Ile Durable project, is considering the implementation of numerous projects to become an organic island.

27 Oct 2011,

Mangroves will be restored by Mauritius government

"Around 70 per cent of commercial fish species depend on mangroves"

07 Sep 2011,

The 1st international conference on waste management

The event brings together experts, scientists and researchers from around 15 countries

06 Sep 2011,

The University of Mauritius explores possibility of using coconut oil as bio fuel

The project aims to reduce the dependence on diesel

02 Aug 2011,

Naïade inaugure un centre de biologie marine

26 Jul 2011,

Energy Efficiency bill is in progress in Mauritius

The government is planning to proceed with the concept of ‘eco-friendly buildings in order to maximise energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy

13 Jul 2011,

Govt to tackle the e-waste problem in Mauritius

The number of electronic products discarded in Mauritius has also skyrocketed over the past few years

11 Jul 2011,

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