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Recruitment Of Foreign Labor: Shakeel Mohamed Announces Extension of Freez

Freezing recruitment of foreign workers in the construction sector was expected to end Tuesday, October 15. It will be extended. This is what we told the Labour Minister Shakeel Mohamed. He said he would not make a hasty decision.

16 Oct 2013,

Additional Economic Substance Requirement In Mauritius

14 Oct 2013,

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit Kicks Off in Indonesia

NUSA DUA (INDONESIA), OCT 7: Asia-Pacific leaders convened on Monday for a summit in Indonesia aimed at advancing trade and investment liberalisation amid a regional economic slowdown.

13 Oct 2013,

Index Of Economic Freedom 2013: Economic Freedom, Mauritius Global Rank Eighth

With a total score of 76.9, Mauritius, according to the Index of Economic Freedom by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, the eighth most open economy in the world and the first of 46 countries in sub-Saharan Africa on total of 177 countries.

27 Aug 2013,

Total Mauritius Launches Next Generation Fuel "TOTAL Effimax"

Roll over with a full, optimize engine performance and extend the life of the vehicle, as are the promises of Total Mauritius with new fuels - diesel and without lead Effimax Effimax.

25 Aug 2013,

Investing in Africa - The Most Promising Cities

In addition to 54 countries representing many markets, experts discuss today on African cities that will drive the economic growth of the black continent in the coming years. For the nuances and opportunities is essential for investment.

05 Aug 2013,

Emerging India Suffering Amid Oversupply

Once seen as an unbridled land of opportunity, India is suffering under the weight of oversupply in many key markets.

24 Jul 2013,