Electoral reforms Mauritius

Dev Virahsawmy welcomes report on electoral reforms

Such a reform must be complemented by participatory democracy say academicians; The pedagogues Dev Virahsawmy and Jimmy Harmon welcome the report on electoral reforms written by professors Guy Carcassone Vernon Bogdanor, and Pere Vilanova. In a document, they highlight the main recommendations of the report namely (i) a proportional representation and the integral system (ii) [...]

27 Dec 2011, The Independent Daily

Blok 104 wants snap electoral reforms billBlok 104 wants snap electoral reforms bill

Rezistans ek Alternativ held a press conference on Wednesday at the seat of the FTU, Port Louis. The association gave three months to the government to pass the electoral reform bill. “If at the opening session of Parliament this bill is not tabled, I will go ahead with a constitutional challenge against the rights of [...]

22 Dec 2011, The Independent Daily

Foreign expert to work on electoral reforms

Constitutional expert Professor Guy Carcassonne has some proposals for the electoral reforms. Carcassonne looked at the country’s various reports and will need some time to work on the solutions. This statement was made by Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam at a special celebration for the 111th birth anniversary of Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (SSR) held on [...]

16 Sep 2011, The Independent Daily