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Brand Magic Summit 2016: Pour Des Marques Gui Se Démarquent...

La deuxième édition du Brand Magic Summit se tiendra à l’hôtel Sofitel, Wolmar, Flic-en-Flac, le jeudi 7 avril. Cet évènement a pour but de faire découvrir les dernières tendances autour des concepts du marketing et d’images de marque.

22 Mar 2016,

Automoto Show 2015- Motorcity Bagatelle

Automoto Events Mauritius et Royal Diamond Ltd vous présente la 3eme edition du Automoto Show qui se tiendra du 28 au 29 Novembre 2015 au Motorcity à Bagatelle.

25 Nov 2015,

Paul Walker Memorial : Une Journée d’Activités pour Petits et Grands

Avis aux passionnés d’automobiles, la formation des United Mauritian Tuners (UMT) organisera son dernier événement de l’année le 22 novembre prochain. Le Paul Walker Memorial se tiendra au Circle Square, à Forbach. Une multitude d’activités sera au programme lors de cette journée destinée à toute la famille.

27 Sep 2014,

Drag Racing Festival 2014: Make Your Engines Revving

For fans of racing. On Sunday, March 2, a Drag Racing Festival 2014 held at Jin Fei, Riche-Terre. Races "drag" for cars and motorcycles, are scheduled. They will be held over a distance of 400m and several classes will be on the agenda.

28 Jan 2014,

Tradeshows: New Rules

Since 1 January 2014, new regulations governing the organization of exhibitions, trade fairs and book markets are in effect. The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Consumer Protection prohibits the holding of these events during the months of March, May, July, September, November and December.

22 Jan 2014,

Festival International Kreol: Event "The Biggest Nightclub in the World" Cancelled

Victory for members of the Mouvement Sportif de Pailles. They challenged holding two events at Les Pailles : the International Kreol Festival "The biggest nightclub in the world" . And they succeeded in the context of the latter event.

28 Nov 2013,

15 Types of Events Your Business Can Host

Hosting events is a great way for your business to engage your clients, connect with prospects, and get your name in the news. Here are 15 different types of events your business could host.

04 Nov 2013,

Divali Folies : Grand-Bay Coeur de Ville Célèbre l’Orient

Embarquez du 28 octobre au 3 novembre dans un voyage au cœur de l’Orient avec le complexe commercial Grand-Bay Cœur de Ville. Toute une programmation est ainsi prévue pour célébrer gratuitement la fête de Divali.

30 Oct 2013,

Divali Folies : Grand-Bay Coeur de Ville Célèbre l’Orient

Embarquez du 28 octobre au 3 novembre dans un voyage au cœur de l’Orient avec le complexe commercial Grand-Bay Cœur de Ville. Toute une programmation est ainsi prévue pour célébrer gratuitement la fête de Divali.

28 Oct 2013,

Catering: Changing Industry

The catering service is a way of providing food that is constantly evolving. News and innovations are necessary to adapt to consumer demand. Professionals in the sector, expanding tell us more.

03 Oct 2013,

100 Years of Indian Cinema: Bollywood Festival This Week

To mark 100 years of Indian cinema, Zee Tv Maurice organizes a series of activities over several days. Contest, exhibition of film posters, free film screenings and musical with 45 Indian artists will invite the party that starts on Tuesday 1 st October.

30 Sep 2013,

The Big Upcoming Events: Show To ...

In a few months, summer will be here. Already the event boxes provide a whole range of activities for the greatest happiness of Mauritians. Focus on the big events.

28 Aug 2013,

Indian Ocean Windsurfing Championship - Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in the Spotlight

From August 3 to 11, up to the Indian Ocean Windsurfing Championship at Le Morne and Pointe d'Esny. This event will bring together windsurfers and kitesurfers Mauritian and champions worldwide.

01 Aug 2013,

Celebration: Three Dutch Yachts Expected at the 15 of June

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority enjoys the passing of Maurice buildings from the Netherlands to celebrate the 415th anniversary of the arrival of the Dutch in the island.

03 Jun 2013,

Opening of the FIFA Congress: Grandiose!

A great show, representing different facets of Mauritian multicultural society was organized at the center Swami Vivekananda at Pailles, Thursday at the opening of the 63rd Congress of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA).

31 May 2013,

FIFA Congress: Ceremony Like No One Has Ever Seen"

Mauritius will dive into the heart of a major event for the international football: 17 hours due to the conference center Pailles the 63rd FIFA Congress. The spotlight will be made a colorful spectacle, with the participation of world-renowned artists as well as local.

30 May 2013,

Honda Car Lovers

Originally scheduled for March 30, the "Honda Road Trip" will be held Sunday, June 9 Organized by "Honda Car Lovers (Mauritius)," kick off will be given to 11 hours. The car parade will head south.

29 May 2013,

Automobile : Second Parade by Honda Car Lovers

Notice to car lovers: a "Honda Road Trip March 2013" will be held Saturday, March 30. The motorcade organized by Honda Car Lovers (Mauritius) at Bagatelle start around 10: 30 pm to go to the south of the island.

29 Mar 2013,

The Indus Entrepreneurs: "Survival of the Fittest," Roundtable on Entrepreneurship

The Indus Entrepreneurs, an organization non-profit, organized a round table on the theme "Survival of the fittest? "Wednesday, March 20 at 18 h 15 Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel, Port Louis.

19 Mar 2013,

Stage Show Anjalay: 25,000 People Expected Saturday

To mark the 45 years of our independence, the Department of Arts and Culture organizes a popular show Saturday, March 16 Anjalay Coopen stage at Belle Vue. The event will last all night.

15 Mar 2013,

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