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CPE 2013: 5792 People Engaged For Exams

CPE exams are scheduled from October 22 to 25 25 981 candidates. 5792 people, including supervisors, editors, supervisors and caretakers, among others, have been mobilized for the conduct of these trials.

18 Oct 2013, business.mega.mu

Year And Review: Some Tips To Help You

The exams are finally here and there are only the latest minor revisions to do.

09 Oct 2013, business.mega.mu

CPE 2013 : La Dernière Ligne Droite

Le taux d'échec aux derniers examens du Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) s’élevait à 31,21 %. Le ministère de l’Éducation veut tout faire pour réduire ce chiffre cette année. À six semaines des examens, tout est mis en œuvre pour booster les candidats au maximum. Cependant, le flou persiste sur les mesures énoncées malgré l’assurance des autorités.

15 Sep 2013, business.mega.mu

New Physician: First Examinations September 29

The questionnaires prepared by the National Examinations Board of India while the organization of examinations was assigned to Mauritius Examination Syndicate.

13 Sep 2013, business.mega.mu

National Exam Form III - From October 18 To 23

The timing of national reviews of the Form III is official. The examinations will begin on 18 October with the English questionnaire to be completed on 23 with that of Physics.

02 Sep 2013, business.mega.mu

IELTS Exam - Cathy Glover: "The British Council Has Internal and External Auditors"

The IELTS exam is designed to assess the English of a candidate who wants to leave in an English speaking country for various reasons level. This is the University of Cambridge who oversees.

20 Aug 2013, business.mega.mu

Kreol Morisien to be introduced in Std 1

The optional language, Kreol Morisien, will be introduced in primary schools at Standard I at the beginning of next year. Twenty-eight teachers have already expressed their interest in teaching the language. These teachers will go through a six-month training programme, which will be carried out by the Mauritius Institute of Education. This was stated by [...]

22 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily