Fish Mauritius

Controversial Fish, Pangasius, Reintroduced on the Market

It was considered unfit for human consumption and withdrawn from the market. But the authorities have to reauthorize the sale of pangasius. The Ministry of Fisheries, it indicates that a delegation visited Vietnam, the main exporter of this fish, to ensure that hygiene standards are met.

18 Dec 2013,

Seafood Chinese Invest Rs 5 billion

The business is booming for the Seafood Hub. Chinese investors have in fact indicated their intention to invest a whopping Rs 5 billion in this sector, including the fish processing.

01 Nov 2013,

Mauritian Tuna soon on Chinese plates

CHINA IS opening its doors to seafood imports from Mauritius. Fisheries minister Nicholas Von Mally was in Beijing last week to sign an agreement on export licensing for Mauritian products — a pact that could see Chinese fishing fleets displace European boats in the waters of the Indian Ocean nation. Von Mally met Wu Qinghai, Deputy Director of China’s quarantine body, the General Administration of Quality Supervision (AQSIQ).

18 Aug 2013,

Decline in Purchasing Power, The Canned Tuna Fishing

At a time when the purchasing power is declining, canned tuna, cheap, is increasingly popular in kitchens.

24 Jul 2013,

Asian Countries Interested in the Mauritian Tuna

Tuna fish Mauritius is popular in countries such as Japan, Russia, and more recently, South Korea. Japan and South Korea want to make their ships come to the country for refueling and plan to open even locate plants on our soil.

24 Jul 2013,

Pêche: Rs 30 M pour un Fish Auction Market qui n’Intéresse Personne

Cinq ans après la conception du projet et deux ans après la fin des travaux, le Fish Auction Market, situé aux Salines, n’est toujours pas opérationnel. Plusieurs appels d’offres pour la gestion des lieux ont été vains. En contrepartie, le ministère de la Pêche se voit contraint de payer un service de sécurité pour empêcher les actes de vandalisme…

20 Jul 2013,

Asian Countries Interested in the Mauritian Tuna

Tuna fish Mauritius is popular in countries such as Japan, Russia, and more recently, South Korea. Japan and South Korea want to make their ships come to the country for refueling and plan to open even locate plants on our soil.

17 Jul 2013,

Seafood Hub: Rs 12 Billion in Revenue this Year

Seafood Hub sector has the wind in its sails. Forecasts indicate that growth in exports of about 30% is expected this year in this sector. This situation can be explained largely by the modern port facilities that exist in the port, new investment in this sector and the interest of importers for Mauritian products because they meet international standards.

03 Jul 2013,

Fish: Beware of Tricks

Fraud on the identity of the goods is not limited to meals and other preserves. The stalls of fresh fish and frozen fish tanks we can book their share of surprises.

26 Jun 2013,

Seafood: an Industry that Reinvents Itself

The seafood industry is preparing to move to another level. Especially with the entry into operation of new treatment plants tuna. Producers expect to increase their exports to the markets, existing and new, to meet the rising demand.

16 May 2013,

Lack of Water: Bluefin Mascarene Loses Rs 5 Million in Three Days

Activities of a major sea food hub operators, Tuna Mascarene are disrupted for several days. One source mentions loss of Rs 5 million. The reason: lack of water.

15 Feb 2013,

Sapmer Continues to Invest in Mauritius

Sapmer continues to invest in Mauritius in addition to its industrial cold room at -40 ° C and an additional unit of transformation and development of fish.

02 Jan 2013,

Ministry of Fisheries Defends Agreements with EU

The Ministry of Fisheries rejects accusations of squandering our marine resources brought by the coalition of trade unionists. Daroomalingum Mauree, director attached to this ministry, he accused journalists of peddling demagoguery environmental activists trying to sell their newspapers.

09 Nov 2012,

Fish: Local Consumer Pays More Expensive Than European Union

The spokesman for the coalition Rezistans ek Alternativ and the Union of Fishermen, among others, wondered how the country can sign an agreement to allow the EU (European Union) in 5500 tonnes fish in our seas.

17 Oct 2012,

Rainbow Warrior In Key Tuna Hub, Mauritius

Greenpeace will hold talks with the Mauritian government and key stakeholders about sustainable tuna fisheries this weekend following the arrival of the Rainbow Warrior in Port Louis today.

16 Oct 2012,

Seized Fish Auctioned

Interested parties can purchase fish seized will be sold at auction. This was not previously the case and the risk of displeasing the charities.

08 Oct 2012,

Du Poisson Moins Cher

A partir de ce lundi les Mauriciens pourront mieux s’approvisionner en poissons et en crustacés dans le nord de l’île. C’est ce qu’a déclaré Jim Seetaram, ministre des Affaires, de l’entreprise et des coopératives. Cela, grâce à l’unité de transformation qui a été inaugurée à la Maison des pêcheurs de Cap-Malheureux, jeudi.

01 Oct 2012,

Fishing Industry: When Self-Sufficiency in Fish?

The fisheries sector contributes about 1% to GDP and employs 11 000 Mauritian people. The local production of fish in 2011 was 5,411 tonnes, down 2.5% compared to 2010. The average consumption of local seafood per capita per year is about 20 kg. Focus on the industry.

02 Aug 2012,

Smartfish : Un Projet Pour Améliorer La Qualité Du Poisson

Le programme SmartFish de la Commission de l’Océan Indien a donné son appui pour faire de ses activités un projet pilote en “value chain development”. Il s’agit d’un programme financé par l’Union européenne à hauteur de 10 000 euros pour un projet à Tamarin.

25 Jun 2012,

Fish Consumption: What Can Be Danger?

Known for its tender flesh and exquisite flavour, the fish is popular with Mauritians. But are they so far aware of what they consume?

02 Apr 2012,