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Prévisions De PwC: 1,5 Million De Touristes À Maurice En 2020

Dans un rapport sur les perspectives de l’hôtellerie, PricewaterhouseCoopers estime que les arrivées touristiques à Maurice passeront à 1,5 million dans quatre ans.

09 Aug 2016,

Lequel de nos astrologues a mieux prédit l’année 2014?

Bonjour! Tout d’abord, bonne année et merci d’avoir été fidèle à mon blog Tous les ans, les gens se ruent vers les prédictions par rapport à leur horoscope, disponibles sur le net ou même,...

05 Jan 2015, Yashvin, pages of my life

Cloud Computing and Enterprise Software Forecast Update, 2012

The latest round of cloud computing and enterprise software forecasts reflect the growing influence of analytics, legacy systems integration, mobility and security on IT buyer’s decisions.

09 Nov 2012,

Govt wants to curb the unemployment rate in Mauritius

"We are working on a budget which will be in the interest of all workers"

07 Sep 2011,

Export to reach Rs 42.5 billion in 2011

The export-oriented enterprises sector, which accounts for 75% of total exports, registered a 12.1% growth during the first half of 2011

01 Sep 2011,

Mauritius revised its growth prospects downwards

"Although the Mauritian economy has shown some degree of resilience in the recent past, the economy is not yet on a sustained recovery path"

08 Aug 2011,

The Business Process Outsourcing sector in Mauritius is experience high growth

By forecast, by 2017 the BPO sector will register significant growth and generate revenues worth Rs 23 bln

04 Aug 2011,

Besoins énergétiques

16 Jun 2011,

Interest rate goes up for 5.5% in Mauritius

Headline inflation is expected to remain strong until the end of this year

14 Jun 2011,

Tourism leap

About 980,000 tourists are expected in 2011 in Mauritius

27 May 2011,

Mauritian economy will expand 4.1% this year, IMF forecasts

04 May 2011,

Mauritian Central Bank to ‘Normalize’ Rates

The Bank of Mauritius will probably raise interest rates further this year

03 May 2011,

Mauritius central bank says inflation 7.8% in June

BOM is expected that headline inflation could exceed 5% in June 2011 and reach around 8% by December 2011

03 May 2011,

Constance Hotels of Mauritius Sees 20% Revenue Increase in 2011

The hotel group owns and manages seven resorts in Mauritius, the Seychelles and Maldives

26 Apr 2011,

CSO expects economic growth to reach 4.5%

Mauritius and IMF sign MOU to set up the Afritac

22 Apr 2011,

Sun Resorts Mauritius is waiting for revenues

With the opening of Long Beach in April 2011, the group will increase its inventory

18 Apr 2011,

Swan Insurance plans to boost gross premiums

"The corporate risk market is reaching saturation"

13 Apr 2011,

Mauritius Commercial Bank sees FY profit rising

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) expects full-year profit to end-June to rise

08 Apr 2011,

Une hausse de 9 % du PIB attendue

La croissance économique en 2010 a été de 4,4 %, comparés à 3,1 % en 2009

06 Apr 2011,

Mauritius Exports Expected to Increase 7%

31 Mar 2011,

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