Fruits Mauritius

Vegetables: Relative Price Stability

The price of vegetables has remained largely stable over the past week. However, the apple of love has been a significant increase, selling up to Rs 15 more. Ditto for lalo which rose from Rs 25 last week to Rs 50 this week. By cons, potato, onion, eggplant, tomato and pipengaille experienced relatively slight increase.

27 Jan 2014,

Prix de la Pomme d’Amour : on Voit Rouge

Constat mitigé cette semaine pour les légumes. En effet, alors que certains légumes connaissent une baisse de prix, d’autres augmentent. Dans la première catégorie, nous retrouvons notamment le chouchou, qui passe de Rs 20 à Rs 18 le demi-kilo, le haricot qui s’affiche à Rs 20 le demi-kilo contre Rs 25 la semaine dernière.

02 Dec 2013,

Recent Rains: Prices Expecting Down

Farmers and consumers will be happy. With the recent rains, the prices of some vegetables and fruits soon suffer a decline.

03 Nov 2013,

US will help Mauritius develop its agricultural trade

The distance and requirements of the US market should not be hindrances for Mauritius to develop its agricultural trade

15 Sep 2011,

New initiatives to make Mauritius an agro-business hub

The government will lay stress on under-utilised fruit species such as the papaya, mango, starfruit, guava,avocado, passion fruit, strawberry and the neglected ones such as Coeur demoiselle, fig, pomegranate, breadfruit, jackfruit and mulberry.

21 Jun 2011,