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Ubisoft at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017: the 5 most important announcements

Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry are joined by a handful of surprises.

14 Jun 2017,

Google AI beats Chinese master in ancient game of Go

A Google artificial intelligence program defeated a Chinese grand master at the ancient board game Go on Tuesday, a major feather in the cap for the firm's AI ambitions as it looks to woo Beijing to gain re-entry into the country.

23 May 2017,

Facebook’s Messenger games are now available to everyone

Facebook announced today that its new Messenger game-playing features are now available to the entire 1.2 billion people who use the app every month. Instant Games, as the platform is called, first launched in closed beta last November with arcade titles like Pac-Man and Galaga.

03 May 2017,

StarCraft is now free, nearly 20 years after its release

Have you always wanted to check out that StarCraft game you’d heard so much about, but somehow managed to go nearly 20 years without buying a copy?

19 Apr 2017,

Playing Snake on the Nokia 3310

A funny thing is happening at this year’s Mobile World Congress: a show defined by its future-facing announcements and innovations essentially ground to a halt to gawk at Nokia rewinding the clock a decade and a half with its launch of the Nokia 3310.

27 Feb 2017,

DeepMind AI to play videogame to learn about world

Google's DeepMind is teaming up with the makers of the StarCraft video game to train its artificial intelligence systems.

07 Nov 2016,

Pokémon Go débarque officiellement à Maurice

Des Pokémons se baladent officiellement parmi nous. L’application mobile Pokémon Go est désormais disponible officiellement pour la région Afrique, dont Maurice, depuis ce mercredi 5 octobre. Depuis peu, le jeu n’était disponible qu’en Europe, aux États-Unis et en Australie.

06 Oct 2016,

Nintendo's market cap doubles to $42 billion since Pokemon GO launch

Shares of Japan's Nintendo Co soared another 14 percent on Tuesday, more than doubling the firm's market capitalization to 4.5 trillion yen ($42.5 billion) in just seven sessions since the mobile game Pokemon GO was launched in the United States.

20 Jul 2016,

Hindu ‘leader’ in US wants Overwatch to remove Devi skin from game

Blizzard Entertainment’s successful shooter game, Overwatch, has drawn strong criticism from Rajan Zed, a ‘Hindu leader’ based in the US. Zed has asked for the ‘Devi skin’ to be removed as it is ‘inappropriate’ and ‘belittling’ the beliefs of Hindus.

18 Jul 2016,

Pokemon GO could be next big marketing tool for retailers

Pokemon GO, a mobile game that has rocketed to the top of Apple Inc and Android app stores in record time, looks set to challenge young internet companies which specialize in increasing foot traffic for small businesses and may end up playing a role in major brands' marketing, according to industry experts.

14 Jul 2016,

Pokémon Craze Sparks Search for Monster Profits

Finding out where all the profits will go from the wildly popular “Pokémon Go” smartphone game is a search worthy of the game itself.

12 Jul 2016,

How To Play Facebook Messenger's Hidden Soccer Minigame

Facebook Messenger has a new hidden game, and it may be even more addicting than the basketball one. In honor of Copa América and Euro 2016, Facebook has updated its Messenger app with a mini soccer game.

16 Jun 2016,

'Minecraft' Arrives on Samsung's Gear VR Headset

Last month, during GDC 2016 in San Francisco, we learned about Microsoft's plans to release Minecraft for Gear VR. Still, details such as pricing and availability were unknown at the time. But that's changing today: Oculus has announced that the open-world hit is now available on Samsung's virtual reality headset.

29 Apr 2016,

'Dark Souls 3' Review: A Triumphant Return To Form

Dark Souls III is a return to form for the series, and a rival for “best Souls game ever” in my ever-jostling rankings of the franchise.

12 Apr 2016,

PS4 And Xbox One Pose Major Problems For Internet Providers

As the Sony's Playstation 4 launched midnight today in the UK, there are some potential pitfalls that mean consumers might not get the most out of their systems unless they carefully consider their home network.

02 Dec 2013,

Four Things to Know About Xbox One

It's official: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are part of the "last generation."

24 Nov 2013,

Xbox One Sales Hit 1 Million on First Day

Microsoft says that more than 1 million Xbox One consoles have been sold worldwide since their midnight launch.

23 Nov 2013,

Sony PlayStation 4 Sales Cross 1M units on First Day

Sony said sales of its PlayStation 4 game consoles crossed 1 million units just 24 hours after the device was launched in the U.S. and Canada on Friday, although some users reported some issues with the device.

18 Nov 2013,

PlayStation 4 Review: Strong, but Needs Time to Mature and Gain More Content

Sony has redesigned the PlayStation from stem to stern, seven years after it released its last new console. The PlayStation 4’s makeover brings with it new processors, software and even a total overhaul of its controller.

17 Nov 2013,

Consumers Line Up for Launch of PlayStation 4

The consumer quest has begun for the current video game holy grail, the PlayStation 4.

15 Nov 2013,

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