Gas Mauritius

STC : Une compagnie pour superviser le débarquement du gaz

La State Trading Corporation (STC) se propose d’avoir recours aux services d’une Cargo Serveying Company pour vérifier la qualité d’installation des bateaux cargo transportant du gaz de pétrole liquéfié dans le port.

04 Sep 2020,

Eni Discovers Massive Gas Field in the Mediterranean

Eni SpA discovered a “super giant” natural gas field offshore Egypt in what the Italian oil company said is the largest find in the Mediterranean Sea.

31 Aug 2015,

Emanation of Gas at St-Pierre: 50 Other Employees Hospitalized Thursday

Plant World Knits, St-Pierre should remain closed today, Thursday, April 24. The reason: 50 employees gathered at the hospital in Moka after feeling itchy this morning. They are due to toxic gas fumes in this industrial area yesterday .

24 Apr 2014,

Rising Gas Prices: State Disburse Double for the Grant

If gas prices remain high on the international market, "he'll have to sound the alarm," warns the director of the State Trading Corporation (STC), Megh Pillay. It confirms that 25% increase in gas prices ahead.

15 Dec 2013,

Gas Commercial and Industrial: An Increase of 20% to 25% Imminent

The substantial increase in the price of liquefied petroleum gas in the international market is not without consequences for Mauritius. The advertised price worldwide for the month of December is the highest since 1994.

12 Dec 2013,

Energy Sector: The CEB Face the Option of Gas Turbines

An additional bill of Rs 900 million for the five months with CEB repair Sulzer two turbines with cracks.

08 Oct 2013,

Port Louis Exports Gas to the Countries of the Indian Ocean

Three giant tanks for the storage of liquefied petroleum gas, for export, have arrived in the Red Sea. Made in Italy, these metal behemoths has a storage capacity of 50,000 tons of gas. The gas supply to these vessels will be done through a pipeline linking the dock.

29 Jul 2013,

“Bonbonnes gaz” : Yellow ones to be eventually replaced by red ones.

Say Bye to your yellow gas cylinders. For those who use the yellow gas cylinders for domestic use (for cooking or in your gas water heaters), things might change in some time.

18 May 2013, Yashvin, pages of my life

Gaz Ménager : Des Bonbonnes de 12 Kilos à Usage Commercial à Partir de Mars

À partir de mars prochain, des bonbonnes de gaz de 12 kg, à usage commercial, seront mises en vente. Elles seront dotées d'un dispositif spécial et coûteront plus cher. Le but étant que les petits commerces n'utilisent plus les bonbonnes domestiques qui sont subventionnées par l'État.

09 Jan 2013,

Police use tear gas to disperse angry mob

Roche Bois relived one of its worst moments with clashes between police officers and some 300 locals on Sunday. Officers had to use tear gas to disperse the crowd. The angry mob was outraged by injuries sustained by Gregory Jeanot 22 years old during a fight with Bangladeshi nationals residing in the area on Saturday [...]

17 Sep 2012, The Independent Daily

Precautions For Regulators And Gas Connections

Vivo Energy Mauritius Limited is setting up a new project. This company offers new connections and gas regulators household.

06 Sep 2012,

Kenya, Tanzanie et Mozambique: Gaz et Pétrole

Le Kenya serait-il en train de rafler la mise en Afrique de l’Est ? Le 26 mars restera en tout cas longtemps dans les mémoires nationales kenyanes : le président Mwai Kibaki s’est empressé d’annoncer à la télévision la découverte de pétrole par la compagnie britannique Tullow Oil, déjà engagée en Ouganda et le pétrole du lac Albert.

29 Mar 2012,

Gas Storage: 54% Drop in Price

The State Trading Corporation (STC) will pay 54% less for gas storage. This reduction was made possible by negotiations there had between STC and the company owned Escol Total and Shell.

27 Mar 2012,

Gas deposits found off Sri Lanka coast

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse announced on Sunday that natural gas deposits had been found for the first time during exploratory drilling off the island’s coast.

03 Oct 2011,

10000 tonnes of gas capacity for exports

Mauritius will be able to store 15,000 tonnes

10 Aug 2011,

10,000 tonnes of gas to be exported

The country can currently store about 5,000 tonnes of gas but in the near future, it will be able to store 15,000 tonnes. The additional 10,000 tonnes will be for exports to countries located within the region. The annual consumption is 65,000 tonnes that has been increasing by about four per cent each year. If [...]

10 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

3 sites in the harbour area for the gas storage identified in Mauritius

The three sites identified are vast spaces and are located close to the sea

04 Aug 2011,

STC, Escol reach agreement on petroleum gas pricing

Mauritius will consume 125,000 tonnes of gas per year by 2025

04 May 2011,