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Google Allo’s limitations explained in one word: “India”

Google's new instant messaging client Allo doesn't seem like a compelling product. Allo is missing many of the basic features you might expect in an instant messaging app: it only works with one device at a time, it doesn't work on a desktop or laptop computer, it doesn't support tablets very well, it doesn't use a Google account, and it doesn't support SMS.

30 Sep 2016,

8 tips for using Google Allo

Is Google Allo the next big thing in messaging apps? Maybe...or maybe not. The new "smart" messaging app is actually pretty straightforward -- especially if you've used its competitors, such as Whatsapp or Line, in the past -- but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve (namely, that in-chat Google search that nobody will ever be able to do as well as, well, Google).

22 Sep 2016,